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Will my diabetes will become normal
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Will my diabetes will become normal

I am a 30 Aged men, having diabetic identified on dec 2013. Due to tiredness and pain in my penis, i had met a physician and got identified the diabetics. From different tests he suggested am a diabetic person for long time and to immediately start medicines.

My diabetic statistic:
23 Dec 2013 : Evening 7 pm. - 383
05 Jan 2014 : Evening 7 pm. - 312 from here i start to control food
06 Jan 2014 : Fasting sugar  - 283 Medicines started. Clucophage 500mg 3 times, neopril 10mg 1 time, Tocovid 1 time (My blood pressure too was high 160/110, Cholestrol : 201)
20 Jan 2013: Fasting sugar - 151 and Evening with glucometer found 117 . (Started additional tablet Trajenta 5mg)
27 Jan 2013: Fasting sugar - 71 and After food 133
30 Jan 2013: Fasting sugar - 107

I am doing regular excercise(walking 7km at 45 mins) and reduced food consumption (chapathis and wheat food only, and daily some fruits strawberry,pear,apple etc. and nuts like walnut, almonds)
My weight is getting lossed and from 69 now i reached to 63.5 kg

Doctor always telling eat these tablets and continue same. How long I could?
What will be my future situation? Do i need to consume medicine through out my life and control food?
Now am facing erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation and a pain in penis. Will it be cured and could i have a good sexual life. During tests on my hormone levels, everything was normal and kidney functioning also normal.

To rectify my sexual probs and health issues what i have to do. Is ayurvedic treatments will help me.
I am working in IT field and having a lot of stress.

please guide me to control my diet and having a health life with a good family.

thanks Aby
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While considering my above post, in past 2 years, i had gone under some skin diseases and had some costly tablets and which may cause damage to my liver. In tests it has identified some prob in liver and doctor suggested to consume liv 52. Still liver prob not solved. will that medicne usage cause to diabeteic situation. Both my parents have diabates after age of 50.
Bt my elder brother have no issue with daibetes. Please advice me in both subjects.
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Keeping your BG in the normal range (70 to 140) will help with with erectile dysfunction.

If I ubderstand your diet correctly you eat wheat and fruit...  We do know ALL carbohydrates (wheat, rice, potato, pasta... and most fruit) raise BG.  Restricting those foods will help with your BG.

there is no cure for diabetes...  There is control.
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Further to the previous poster, you will have to manage this diabetes for the rest of your life.

Most important in your diet is to restrict sweet foods and foods with lots of carbs (such as rice, bread, chapatis, etc).  you should eat lots of vegetables (with the except of  corn and potato, which should be limited).  Nuts, meats (if you are not vegetarian), eggs are all ok to eat and should not have much impact on blood sugars.

Keep up with your exercise, this is helpful.

If you can normalize your blood sugar (70-120 is ideal range), then likely your other problems can be reversed / recover.
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