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am i insulin resistant? pls help look my test results
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am i insulin resistant? pls help look my test results

HI , im 32 female, 118 lb, gaining weight, it was told me i have PCOS , does those test results means I'm PRE- diabetes? insulin resistant?

insulin fasting   3.7    normal   2.6- 24.9

my 2 hour oral glucose tolerance test
glucose fasting     87   norma  65-99
glucose after 75 g drink
1/2 hr            151     norma   65-99
1 hr               159     norma    65-99
1 1/2              93      norma    65-99
2 hr                81      norma    65-99

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You are normal.
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your fasting levels are normal.  However your early response to the glucose drink was not normal.

given that you also have PCOS you have a high risk of developing diabetes in the future.

Some doctors will diagnose prediabetes based on one or 2 abnromal numbers in a glucose tolerance test and some won't.

I happen to beleive that your numbers are not normal.   Truely nromal and your numbers would all be within range.  

You don't have overt diabetes, but you should take this as your 'warning' that  you could get it in the future.

I woudl strongly recommend you get serious about regular aerobic exercise, if you're not already, and consider a lower carb diet.  Weight management with PCOS can be very challenging.

Please also make sure that you are monitored for thyroid function.  Thyroid can also be more common in women with PCOS.

My story.  My initial diagnosis 12 years ago was PCOS.  Soon after that I got diagnosed with hypothyroid.  Then in the past 4 years I have developed diabetes (it came on very early in my pregnancy with my daughter and never went away after).  

If you have stomach issues also read up on celiac and see if it rings any bells for you.

Best wishes.
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Hi there,
I agree with Super_sally888 that you are pre-diabetic because you have 2 abnormal readings, that's why I always monitor my glucose reading ONLY one hour after meal. I don't know why many diabetics 2 monitor their glucose reading after 2 or 3 hrs after meal , they just follow the very old info from 30 or 40 years ago which is now incorrect.
Now, if I were you, I would read this book : Diabetes Solutions by Dr. Richard Beinrstein , or at least log onto Amazon.com to read the reviews of that book, you would see how many lives saved by DR.Beinrstein.
Good luck.
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thanks for answer, yes im hypothyroid and currently im on 200mcg synthroid and 15 mg armour..my blood test shows im overmedicated, but even this is issue for my weight.
Im at the gym every day I do 6-7 days cardio 45 min, my diet is watched and very simple only veggie and protein, only in the AM piece of whole wheat bread or oatmeal that's it...so flustruating. Also im 32 and don't have kids yet and would like to plan them in year or two.
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