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diabetes & carbs

need to lose about 25-30#s. is it dangerous to go low carb (into ketosis) for a short period of time having type II diabetes??
Hey Jim!  It actually advisable for type 2's to go low, low carb.  I avoid medication by living a Paleo dietary lifestyle.  I did so because my blood glucose had crept into T2 territory after years of dancing with the devil, "high fructose corn syrup". That and the near constant M&M drip line that sat on my office desk all day.

The first couple of weeks are literal pain.  There is definitely a carb withdrawal period.  I had crushing headaches, and peed like heck as my body began to wring out every gram of readily available carb it was storing.  I'd get the shaky legs, but a test prick showed BG levels around 100 to 120.  My body had grown use to the available sugar levels!  I pushed through the shaky legs, and going to the bathroom every hafl hour, and by the third week, I felt pretty good.

Then the weight began to fall off.  Between the new diet and exercise, I lost 15% of my body weight, and 2 waist sizes.  Rather than dealing with glycemic indicies of various foods, I adopted a simpler strategy.  I avoing any food that was "white", and began to look at labels.  This meant no pasta, rice, flour, potatoes, anything with sugar (and that's a lot!).  In addition, I laid off peas, corn, bananas, raisins, and the like.

I check my blood 4 times a day.  Morning fast, before lunch, and before dinner, and before retiring.  I hasten to add that this may not be the recommended test periods, but it works for me.  GET YOURSELF A METER AND STRIPS!  It's the single most important tool in judging how you're doing.  Don't wait for your periodic doctor visit.  The meter became my competition; how'd I do, what was it going to be this time?  Was I going to beat the meter with a new low.

As the weigh shed, so did the BG readings.  My 6 month A1C tests plunged.  My physician was dumbfounded.  "Don't overdo it" he said.  It was almost like he couldn't bear to see my beat his deadline before going on Metformin.

I took and continue to take occasional ketone readings.  After heavy exercise, power walking or skating, my urine will show some mild ketone readings.

To supplant the candy, cakes, and miscellaneous carbs that were a good part of my diet, I chose nuts and seeds.  I eat pounds and pounds of almonds, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pastachios, cashews.  I take a snack size baggie to work daily (two fist fulls) of nuts. I love them!  Now....things that I really miss.  I haven't had a plate of pasta and tomato gravy, baked or mashed potato, peas (I love peas and butter) mac and cheese, rice (brown or white) in nearly two years.  Perhaps the only thing I allow myself daily are two slices of Pepperidge Farms "Carb Style" bread so I can eat a sandwich.  It has 8 grams per slice of carbs.

So there you have it. That's how I did it.  I guess you could say I'm the low carb poster boy!  This lifestyle works for me.  Once you're on it, you really don't miss them.  The things you can eat are amazing.  In work, I live for "Bacon Friday" when breakfast entrees are weighed.  A plate of bacon can be had for less than a buck. My wife and I love McDonalds on the weekend.  We sit and chat and review the week's events, I have two round eggs, and a sausage patty on a plate.  Net carbs....6 grams!  You can easily do it.  You just have to adapt a little.
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