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type 2 diabetes -night sweats
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type 2 diabetes -night sweats

hi i have type 1 diabetes ,i have pain in my feet all the time and i sweat real bad through the night.my readings are all over the place all the time,im hypo unaware but also have symptoms of being high when im low.Im doing everything right but dont understand why my diabetes is so out of control n why the sweating at nights?please help.
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There are a number of health causes associated with your post. When was the last time you saw a doctor for a complete health examination? Here are a few things to ask for -
  ● Adjustments made to your unknown medications
  ● Adjustments made to your meal plans
Causes for night sweats
  ● Lipid profile tests
  ● Liver panel tests
  ● Kidney panel tests
Causes for leg/feet pain
  ● Blood tests to look for nerve damage caused by diabetes
      [peripheral neuropathy]
Causes for erratic glucose levels
  ● Thyroid gland checked
  ● Pancreas and insulin resistance [C-Peptide] tests

These tests may reveal a hidden cause/disease to your discomfort. You may need to seek further evaluation on your erratic glucose levels by an Endocrinologist, a diabetes specialist. Good luck
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