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Blood Sugar Spikes and its effects--split second of near blackout feeli...
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Blood Sugar Spikes and its effects--split second of near blackout feeling

I sort of doubt this is a blood sugar issue but I am desperately trying to find answers and getting nowhere fast.  

So something else happened long ago.  I have noticed this phenomenon for several years and it happens a few times a year, but recently twice in the last 2 months.

Almost always at night, while sitting and relaxing, watching the TV, I'll be feeling A-ok when out of the blue I almost "blackout" or totally space....kind of like someone unplugged my head, then plugged me right back in.  It is VERY short lived (1 second), then I feel normal.  I immediately checked my BP and BS level after this.  BP was 120/78 with a pulse of 67...normal for me.  BS was 105.  I had done a light cardio session 1 hour earlier and after that session I hate one very ripe banana and had some water.  So although my BS was not low, (105), is it possible that it dropped really quickly, like say from 145 to 105 in a short period of time and would/could that cause this split second near blackout like experience????   I can't figure out what else it could be.  It's scary and surreal when it happens, but fortunately it only happens a few times a year.  

People have suggest low BS to me, but since my BS was 105 I ruled that out.  Then I thought, well what if it (the BS level) fell too fast...wonder if that could cause this sensation.  

Any clues or help would be appreciated.  I'm stumped and my lame GP keeps saying "drink more water," which I do plenty of--way more than most people.  
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"I sort of doubt this is a blood sugar issue but I am desperately trying to find answers and getting nowhere fast."

Yep, you will continue on this spin cycle until you see a doctor for a full health examination. Get off the computer and call one for an appointment asap.
Change your useless doc and get full blood work done. Good luck xx
I already told you in the Anxiety community you need to see your doc...did you make an appt?  I would do so, soon!  Let us know!
Hi, This blackout thing happened to me once, thankfully just once, about a yr ago. I was with friends when the feeling of something not being ok started creeping in and before I knew I was flat on the floor. Was ok in a while and no other symptoms after that. Saw the doctor the next morning and my blood pressure was high when he checked. I kept asking him what could have caused it but he had no reply. He prescribed some medicines but till date I am anxious to understand what might have caused the blackout and collapse that day. And btw my blood pressure is absolutely normal now.
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