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How can a glucose tolerance test help diagnose insulinoma?
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How can a glucose tolerance test help diagnose insulinoma?

I'm having a hard time with my symptoms. Through diet, I have been able to get my sugar levels up to 80 to 90. My fasting blood glucose levels are between 75 to 85.

My body is still producing too much insulin. Sometimes my blood glucose levels decrease.

For example

Prior to meal 85
1 hour after meal 79
2 hours after meal 86

Most of my meals I do not experience a fluctuation of greater than 10 points in a two hour period. I rarely ever go over 100.

My c-peptides levels have come back high. I repeated the test. Therefore, my body is producing too much insulin.

My endo asked me if I want to do a 4 hour glucose tolerance test. She says it will help rule out an insulinoma. What would the test results be to show an insulinoma as opposed to reactive hypoglycemia. I'm not looking forward to the test.

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