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am i insulin resistant pls look
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am i insulin resistant pls look

I had done oral glucose test and it look like i have metabolic syndrom (syndrome), culd you please tell me if it is right.

1.glucose measure on empty stomach.  92
2. after 75 g glucose drink 30 min.    206
3. 60 min.   159
4. 90 min.    219
5. 120 min.  153
6.  150 min.  137

does it means im pre- diabetic? i have gained weight too 15 lb in 2-3 months. im 33 , 129lb.

thank you
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I see in your post two questions regarding whether you are candidate for;
1] Metabolic syndrome
2] Prediabetes

The NCEP [National Cholesterol Education Program] guidelines for diagnosing metabolic syndrome is if you have 3 or more of the following traits:
1. Extra large waistline
2. High Triglycerides
3. Low HDL
4. High blood pressure
5. High fasting glucose
You provided only one, #5, and possibly two with #1.

Your 90, 120, and 150 minute OGTT test results say prediabetes. A followup A1c [HbA1c, HgbA1c] test will verify whether you are a candidate for diabetes or not. If you lose the excess poundage you stand a very good chance of returning to normalcy before it's too late. Good luck -
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