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Dose- Co Etidrocal
My wife has been started Co-Etidrocal (Etidronate Disodium &Calcium Carbonate), to take Etidronate Disodium for first 14 days then start Cal Carbonate, she have taken Etidronate Disodium for 4 days in evening, can she take Calcium Carbonate in morning along with Etidronate Disodium.?
She has Osteopania and menopause for last 13-14 years, getting weak and weak. Some doctor in India recomended this that she can take both tablets -one in morning and other in evening.
What do you suggest? she is experiencing some pain in back does this is effect of Etidronate Disodium or due to cold, here it is mostly like -30 to 38 degree cold.  
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