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Blood Sugar readings
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Blood Sugar readings

On a recent lab test noticed that my Glycosylated Hemoglobin was 6.3 and my doctor said you may be diabetic and suggested to repeat the tests in 3 months. I started testing my blood sugar last three days to  get an understanding of my blood sugar levels. (Pls see below). I'm I diabetic? Appreciate your advise.


Date Time Result Convert Notes
10-Sep 7.00 AM 5.5 99 Fasting
9.15 AM 6.1 110 Before eating (after tea)
10.30 AM 6.5 117 After eating (1 hour after BF- Oat Meal)
11.30 AM 5.9 106 After eating (2 hour)
2.00 PM 4.8 86 After eating (1.5 hours)
3.30 PM 5.7 103

11-Sep 7.00 AM 5.1 92 Fasting
9.10 AM 7.9 142 30 mints after eating (1/2 Donut and Oatmeal)
10.32 AM 4.9 88.2 2 hours after BF
2.15 PM 5.7 102 2 hours after Lunch
4.00 PM 4.7 84

12-Sep 7.00 AM 5.6 100.8 Fasting
10.00 AM 4.7 84 Before BF
BF at 10.20am (2 slices bread and Ham + Coffee)
11.45 AM 7.4 133.2 After eating (1.25 hour)
12.35 PM 5.4 97.2 Had Lunch (12.15PM - Mc Burger)
Hi and thanks for using the forum.

Your hemoglobin A1c was slightly elevated at 6.3 (we like to see it less than 6). A level of 6.5 or higher on two seperate occassions would indicate diabetes.  A level of 6.3 would be considered pre-diabetes.  Your blood sugars seem like they have been pretty good though.  I think repeating the test in 3 months is a good plan.  It is probably not necessary for you to be checking your blood sugars multiple times a day.  Ask your doctor how often, if at all,  he or she wants you to check your blood sugar.  For the next 3 months, try being mindful of what you are eating and drinking- often dietary changes can make a big difference for pre diabetes.  I hope this info helps.   Good luck.

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