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Cold Hands and Feet
I am Diabetic type 2
Hands and feet freeze a lot, if I eat the they get warm again.
I do keep me Blood Glucose at 80-110 most of the time.
I have recently developed in the past 21/2 months:
Cold hands and feet
hair thinning
weight gain
memory loss and confused
neck pain
dry skin
TSH 4.59
Chol. 172
Trig. 84
HDL 38
LDL  117
A1c  6.2

I just started on metformin. I asked Dr Lupo and he suggested early hypothyroid based on on my lab results. I forgot to tell him about my hands and feet.

Question is why does the cold hands and feet go away after eating? If it is even linked to diabetes.
Thank you for your time,
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I agree with Dr Lupo that your symptoms and blood tests suggest early low thyroid disease.

I do not have an explanation why your hands seem warmer to you after eating. Diabetes can be linked to poor blood flow and cold extremities, but that is not usually altered by eating. Sorry I do not have a good answer for you!
Take care.
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