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Father having issues with Neuropathy and Gastroperesis
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Father having issues with Neuropathy and Gastroperesis

My father is a diabetes patient who lives in South Asia. He is looked after by my brother who is a physian (pathologist) there.

My father is currently having some issues with Neuropathy. Since I live in Canada, my brother asked me to consult with a physician
from North America as he thinks there may be advanced medicines to help my father. My brother sent me the case history of my father
and he also sent two questions. Please read them and any answer would be appreciated.

Best regards.


Patient details:-
Age: 66yrs     Sex: male
Weight:  59kg, height: 1.74 meter.

Chief complaints:-
1. Severe weakness and parasthesia for 6 months.
2. Severe Gastric irritation for 6 month.
3. Burning sensation of whole body all day long during gastric exacerbation.

History of present illness:-
1. DM for 20years. RBS is within normal limit with medication of soluble insulin.
2. Neuropathy and  Gastroperesis due to long time DM.

History of past illness:-
1. Steven-Johnson syndrome 30 yrs back.

Drug (medication) history:-
1. Sulpher sensitive patient  
2. Now patient  is taking the following drugs:
a. Insulin. Mixtard 30 (22+0+6unit)
b. Tab. Neuro B( Vit B1+B6+B12)
c. Tab. Mecobalamin.
d. Cap. Rabeprazole.
e. Tab.  Flupenticzole+ Melitracin

1. If there any supplement preparation that can reduce the symptom of Neuropathy and gastroperesis?

2. If there any enzyme preparation that can help in digestion of a patient of gastroperesis and reduce the symptom of gastric irritation?

Thank you for using the forum.

We are so sorry to hear about your father.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer medical diagnoses or drug recommendations via the Internet.  Only the doctor who is treating your father can do that.  Before offering any medication suggestions we would need to physically examine your father and run appropriate tests – which is not something MedHelp offers.   I don’t know where you father is in South Asia, but we suggest he try to see a doctor who is affiliated with a large teaching hospital in the country.  We wish your family all the best and hope that your father finds the help he needs very soon.

That is a lot of info and drugs I dont know.

But I have one simple question...  What are his BG numbers

Fasting ?
1hour after eating ?
2 hours after eating?

you mention his drugs that lower BG but NOT what he eats, we do know that carbohydrates raise BG.

treatment cant be only one sided.
Thanks for your comments. My brother has told me that he will let me know the BG numbers in a few day.

I'll let you know once I hear back from my brother.

Best regards.
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