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Horrible GTT, normal A1C?? Diabetes??
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Horrible GTT, normal A1C?? Diabetes??

Hi all,

I am 30 years old, exercise, with a fairly clean diet, no family history of diabetes. I have recently visited an endo because my fasting glucose was a bit high, 95 on the last blood work. Every other test was completely normal. After a complete blood/urine test, everything came back normal, including A1C of 4.8
My endo suggested that I can take the glucose tolerance test to be sure (he is very thorough). I even bought a glucose meter and tested myself for a week (2 hrs postmeal was around 120).

I just got home, very depressed about my GTT results.
Base - 96
1/2 hr - 272
1 hr - 220
1.5 hr - 190
2 hr - 170
These are VERY diabetic levels. My endo was just as shocked as I was. He told me he has never seen anything like that before in his 30 years of practice. He has seen people with A1c levels of 6.5+ with normal glucose tolerance test, but not the other way around. My fructosamine levels are within normal range too.

Needless to say, I am very depressed right now. Would love to hear any feedback.

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Thanks for using the forum.

Your GTT test results were surprising. I would recommend speaking with your endocrinologist about what your next steps should be. Perhaps you could also speak with a dietician and find ways to change your diet to help keep your blood sugar levels steady. This could help prevent/postpone diabetes symptoms.

As I understand it any reading over 200 puts you in the diabetic category

Diabetes is very controllable.  just stop eating carbohydrates.  The fasting is the last thing to go bad for diabetics the first thing is GTT .  use it as a wake up call. by controlling your BG now can save your pancreases insulin production longer.
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