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am i still normal
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am i still normal

all my test fasting glucose normal , and  test after i eat 2 hour (like 2 Mc donals rice) and normall , hba1c 5,4%  ( normally 4,5% - 7%)   and still normal....

I am overwight  160 cm  and 90 Kg

I test IGT with sweet drink 75g ( before i test Hba1c)   and :

*fasting glucose   93  

*IGT  after 30 minutes     165        
                30 minutes     207        
                30 minutes     205
                60 minutes     165

how about me? am i normal??  
all my test  normall  except if i eat like mihun  my 2 hour test 298   but if i eat rice or another, all normall  and i have test 20  in 3 months

Ps : in january i get test 4 times  and all result  normal  , in febuary i get test 3 times  and all normall too..  my last check  yesterday  84 / 104

need i re check  IGT?  IGT can change everytime??  
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Your A1C is within the normal range, but the fact that your glucose was over 200 during your IGT means to me that you have some abnormalities in our glucose handling.  I was confused by the way your IGT results were written(because you have 3 values for 30 minutes).
I think that given your test results and the fact that you are  overweight, you should start on some lifestyle modifications now instead of continually retesting. Speak with your doctor about starting an exercise program as well as one for weight loss. Then after a good effort perhaps you can be rechecked in about 6 months.

Good luck and take care.
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fasting glucose   93  

*IGT  after 30 minutes             165        
                30 minutes  again   207        
                30 minutes  again   205
                60 minutes  again   165

total time 2.5 hour    my mean

but all test is ok.....   but everytime i fell so afraid  about diabet.....  how to forget my worried?  because 3 doctors say  : I'm ok....  but I'm still worry??

about loss my weight , i will try...  and i have 5 kg loss my weight.....  
so, can doctor give me comment about all my condition now...?? because i need it to help my worry.....   Thanks n god bless u
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am i still normal2 ?? continue
by haris1003, 1 minute ago
doc.. desember i test HBA1C and the result 5.4%  normal (4.5 - 7%)
during january and february i have test 10 times for FGP and 2 hour after meal.... and all normal.....

but today i test HBA1C again and the result 6.5% (4.5 - 7%)  

are still normall??

please help me..... Iam so worry.....
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today i test HBA1C again  and result 5.7 %

am i need test GTT again??
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My understanding is that HgA1C tells you what your glu has been for the last few months, so you need not check it very often. The 2 hr glu tolerance test (GTT) will be abnormal up to 2 years before an abnormal HgA1C, so the HgA1C is NOT a good screening test for diabetes. Please ask the lab how to prepare for these tests. Sounds like you may not be doing them right.
Treating your anxiety will definately help your ability to do the lifestyle modifications that Dr. Ramsetty recommended. The usual anti depressant medications (SSRI & SNRI) are the treatments of choice for anxiety. They also seem to help glu regulation. In anxiety, you must start at low doses & go up relatively slowly. Certainly your quality of life should improve & your physical health should improve as well with proper medication. God bless & work hard @ what Dr. Ramsetty says!
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The 2 hr glu tolerance test (GTT) will be abnormal up to 2 years before an abnormal HgA1C  --------------------?????  really????

please help me doctor.....  doctor in here says GTT need not to check again, because now only  FGT, 2 hr after meal, n hba1c  can be test to check diabetes.....  thats true??

help me pls?? im confuse..... n affraid....
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