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4 years and getting more complicated
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4 years and getting more complicated

I am by no means a sickly type, but have for years been off-and-on going to doctors with no help.

Started 4 years ago and happens 4 to 5 times a month:
- Pain in the lower right side between my naval and appendix area. Sometime cutting pain, sometimes burning sensation.  CT, Xray and Ultrasound has ruled out appendicitis 4 times.

Started 3 years ago:
- explosive/loose stool in the mornings. The only thing that makes it stop is the Atkin's diet. The SCD diet might work.

Started in the last year:
- several times a week I wake up between 2:30 and 4 am very hot and it seems to radiat from the abdomen.  I cool off and by the time I awaken I am cold   I now keep the room at 64 degress with no help.
- Seapage from the colon
- General periods of abdominal pain late in the late afternoon that radiat in the middle of the andomen.
- esophogeial spasms (mistaken for heart problems)
- Twice in the last three months I have had to go to the hospital with pain in my left flank that resembles a kidney stone. It radiats in the mid left abdomen, side and back. A CT scan shows no stones or swelling of the left kidney or decending colon issues. They also see no high white count or fever. I have had kidney stones and the pain is about 70% of that pain.

In the last 3 months I have had 2 CT scans, a colonoscopy, 3 Xrays and blood/urine work with no help. All they have found is a small adenoma (1.5cm) on my adrenal gland that does not seem to be the cause of concern.

Where do I look next?
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have you checked for food allergies.  The Atkins diet is no carbs right?  You may be wheat gluten allergic, which would cause your sysmptoms.  God Bless Kaya
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