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Abdominal Cramps...Diarrhea for 1 week so far...
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Abdominal Cramps...Diarrhea for 1 week so far...

  I have been to a Doctor for abdominal cramps that started 2 weeks ago...About 1 week ago, I started having very watery diarrhea and it hasn't let up since...The cramping and subsequent diarrhea seems to be brought on by eating.
  I have no fever and up until a couple of days ago, I still had a normal appetite.
  The Nurse Practitioner I am seeing has done several blood tests, stool tests...all came back negative.
  The cramping I get starts just below the navel and when it's severe, seems to radiate toward my back.
  Any ideas would be most appreciated.
  Thank You,
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Dear Dan,
The sudden onset of diarrhea and abdominal pain requires a search for an infectious etiology i.e. bacterial infection.
If an infectious cause i snot found and the symptoms persist, then inflammatory bowel disease e.g. Crohn's Disease must
be excluded.  IF ther eis still no cause, then a search for rare causes of diarrhea may be initiated.
The workup would include stool cultures and barium x-rays of the intestine.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  ASk specific questions to your personal physican.
*keywords: diarrhea, abdominal pain

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