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Abdominal pain and change in bowel habits
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Abdominal pain and change in bowel habits

  For approximately the last two months I have been having moderate upper abdominal pain, primarily when I wake up in the morning.
  Once I am up and about it goes away for the most part.
  I also have somewhat increased urgency to move my bowels in the morning (Usually within first half hour of getting up vs. 1 1/2 to two hours as used to be the norm)
  The stool is either very soft and stringy or somewhat pale and floats.
  I am a 46 year old white male, nonsmoker and nondrinker with no
  history of problems like this.
  I am very concerned that it could be serious pancreatic problems. I have never had any problems like this before.  I am not having and nausea or vomiting and have not lost any weight.  I weigh 225 pounds, which is admittedly about 40-50 more than I should.
  I am very concerned that it could be serious pancreatic problems of some sort.
Dear Tom C,
Based on the information that you provide, I would not think of pancreatic disease as the most likely erxplanation for your symptoms.  Pancreatic disease usually presentes with either severe abdominal pains that radiate to the back or moderate pain with weight loss and often jaundice.  The pain of pancreatic disease is chronic and lasts throughout most of the day.
Your symptoms may be the result of irritable bowel syndrome or possibly esophageal reflux.  You may wish to try increased dietary fiber to determine if your symptoms improve.
This information is presented for educational purpose sonly.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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