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Belching Spasms
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Belching Spasms

Posted By Ari on July 15, 1999 at 09:21:51
I wasn't sure of the subject to use, so here goes...

A few months ago, I suddenly started burping/belching continuously. I had seen a gastroenterologist, he didn't find anything abnormal--I had XRays taken and had a Upper GI done; everything came back normal. At the time, I attributed the symptoms to stress, as I was in the process of college graduation.
Skip ahead to now. I am currently in the process of jobhunting, and I just spent a month travelling around Europe, so everything HERE is different from how it was there--climate, food, etc. There is a definite corrolation with my nerves, stress, and these belching spasms I have. I can wake up in the morning and start belching. When it happens, its like I can feel my vocal chords vibrate. When I take GasX, the belches diminish. So, there's also alot of gas pressure, sometimes around the border of my ribs and my stomach. I also get semi-bloated, but I don't know if thats attributable to my gut which has become a "beer belly" which I need to get back into shape.
Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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