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Bowel Movement Size
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Bowel Movement Size

  I have a very embarrassing problem I have been reluctant to
  discuss with my doctor.  My bowel movements are very large - so
  large that occasionally I clog up toilets.  This can be
  embarrassing - believe me.  I don't eat a particularly large
  amount of fiber. I have a bowel movement every 2-3 days.  A few
  months ago I read about somebody with this problem on this site.
  This is the first time I have ever heard of someone else with
  this problem.  I would like to know if there is some condition
  which causes this. I would like to know how common this is.
  Also, I am curious about what the normal size is.
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Dear Robert,
Thereis no perfect size stool.  Most people will pass 250 g of stool per 24 hours.  In general individuals with large stool do not have any illness as the cause for the large stool.  However, rarely, large stools can be indicative of malansorption.  IF you have always been thin and had difficulty gining weight then you may wish to explore this possibility with your doctor.
This information is presented for edcuational purposes.  ASk specific questions to your personal physician.
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