Can't keep food down
by Wisa, Apr 23, 2002
I am a 41 year old female with no medical problems untill 3 and 1/2 months ago when I was diagnosed with GERD.  I was given Nexium for 8 weeks and it did not help.  I was sent to a Specialist that did an endoscopy and stretched my esophagus. That did not help.  I have constant belching, very little heartburn, and spit us acid at night and in the morning.  I have not been able to keep any solid food down in two months.  No matter what I try to eat, ex. scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, plain white rice, plain white noodles, soup. etc... I get a tight feeling in my chest and it comes right back up within 15
minutes.  I just open my mouth and it comes out.  I don't even try to throw it up.  I do this until everything I have eaten has come back up.  I eat very small meals at a time.  I have lost 35 pounds in 2 months and am getting desperate.  I am not dehydrated because I drink Sprite.  I do not drink soda with caffeine, or eat anything spicy.  I elevate my bed. I have had a HIDA Scan and a gastric emptying test.  My doctor says he does not know how to help me.
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by LILLY101, Apr 23, 2002
change dr. immediately. if you dont have ulcer then something is deffinately wrong.i have had stomach problems for 13years, stomach surgery x3i understand your problem fully. please take my advice find a gastroenterologist immediatelythats too much wt. to quick.have you tried drinking any of the nutritional supplements like ensure or boost.if you can drink liquids then that will help your nutrition.my dr. tell me 4 cans a day.i lived on that for 6months till i couldn't keep it down.good luck larkin
by MJ96, Apr 23, 2002
It sounds like me 6 months ago. I have a hiatial hernia and have had all the same symptoms. The first thing you need to do is find a good gastro doctor. I took me 4 trys to find a good one. The second thing, find out if the endoscopy showed a hiatial hernia, if it did not, thirdly, have a motility study done, this measures the ability of the muscles in your esophogus to process food down into your stomach. It is not pleasant but it doesn't take long. There are drugs that can help with motility like reglan etc. Although reglan caused me to have bouts of depression, there are others as well. I wouldn't be surprized if it is due to a hernia to be honest. Some the things that helped me the most with it are the most simple, like gravity. Walking briskly or leaning forward as i am walking to jar my stomach back down to its correct position helped immensly. Kind of like jumping small jumps and landing hard while pushing my stomach out. Sleeping on my right side at night helps too. But most of all, losing weight and doing cardio like the treadmill especially helped my symptoms. Find a doctor who cares, and get them to keep testing you until they find the problem. Whether it bacterial or motility, they need to find it and help you. My prayers are with you.
by Nanny, Apr 23, 2002
The earlier posts had some good points.  Additionally, I would substitute water or Gatorade for Sprite.  Carbonated beverages do not help much with avoiding dehyration.  You need to find a good gastroenterologist who can investigate this problem more thoroughly.  Good luck.
by katec, Apr 26, 2002
I had the exact same problem.  I'm 22 years old and suffered with regurgation for about 2 years.  They couldn't figure out what it was for the longest time, I had all the tests at least once.  The one test that led them to a diagnosis was the 24 hour PH.  They figured our that I had a incompatant lower esophageal sphincter resulting in regurg. GERD.  I had the Nissen Fundoplycation surgery at the end of January and my life is 110% back to normal.  I keep food down, I have no reflux, acid anything.  Ask your doctor if they think you should have the 24 hour ph.  Good luck!
by mandy787, Apr 28, 2009
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by Bekkimcq, Jul 13, 2009
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by Doninphila, May 11, 2010
Had a similar situation. I had blown out my stomach using asprins.  Went to a Chinese doctor and was given 12 different herbs to take every day.  Within 6 hours of taking the first dose I was able to hold down food & liquid.
After beleiving in traditional medicine all of my life, my first choice now would be a chinese herbalist / acpuncturist.  It worked for me & after 4 months of herbs I am better than I have bee. In years.  Without this doctor I would not be here to write you this note. He saved my life.
Don in Phila Pa
by steelersfan25, Jul 01, 2011
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