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Excessive Burping
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Excessive Burping

This is more of sharing information that it is asking, but if anyone else is experiencing this condition, I would love to know any it was ever resolved for you. If not, my experience may help.

On Easter 1998, when I was 43, I had an attack of severe hiccuping/burping/belching that was accompanied by a feeling of pressure in my upper chest/back area. This continued for hours and days often only subsiding temporarily after vomiting or exhaustion. My husband says it occurs during sleep also, and he always puts his hand on my shoulder blade to 'ease' me. I had absolutely every GI medical test available, no problems found. Finally in December of 98 I had an MRI which shows a herniated Cervical disc at 4-5. Though the rupture was not very large, it was slightly hitting the spinal cord in the area that controls the autonomic functions of the body. (Breathing, heartbeat, digestion) In January 1999, after 10 months of almost continuous discomfort, I received a Steriod block in the C 4-5 section of my spine. That night was the one of the worst convulsions I had experienced, but had been warned, that the symptoms would be worse that night. The next day was the first day in 10 months without these horrible symptoms!

I continued getting series of 1 shot a month for 3 months, wait 6 months, do it again.

Now it is only sporadically severe, (about every 1 to 14 days for 2 to 3 days duration), but there is almost always an 'undercurrent' of it, if you will, that made me depressed.

I am now on Zoloft for the depression, which has made life wondeful again, except for the attacks.

Finally, my doctor recommended a different antheseologist, who was the professor of anesthesiology at the local Medical University. (Sorry, seems I can't spell anesthesology)

I am currently being treated with the same treatment as persons who have uncontrollable hiccups. (even thought my symptoms are violent belches till I vomit, how disgusting can this be?)

My new doctor tells me that a particular nerve (I believe he called it the phrenal, but I'm not certain) that controls the autonomic body functions, again digestion, breathing, etc is spasming. He gave me another injection of anesthesia/steriodal anti-inflammatory, this time through the front of my neck to get directly to the area of the nerve controlling this particular function, and also prescribed Neurontin, which is used to control seizures and epilepsy.

Again, that night and next morning were horrible, but it has been 3 days now and so far all is going very well. I have had periods of relative calm before, and this is yet to prove out,  because this is such an extremely unusual condition, that most doctors I went to just scratched their heads, and looked as me like I was crazy.

It's been 3 years and 4 years since this started, and I am for the very first time, optimistic that there may be a successful treatment for this odd condition.

I have considered twice having disc replacement surgery, but I am hoping for a much less invasive solution, and I am still not totally convinced the herniation is fully responsible. The spasming could just be happening anyway.
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I empathize with your condition. I have had excessive burping
and some stomach discomfort for last six months but not as severe as your condition. Interestingly, I have had back pain for about the same period. Your posting suggests that there may be a correlation between my back pain and burping which I or my doctor have not considered before (my dcotor has ruled out any gall bladder issues, for now anyway)

Hope the treatment works out for you.

Interesting.  I've (over the last several years) noticed very similar and frustrating conditions worsen with me.  I am 26 yrs. old and herniated my L5 S1 (which is the lowest disc in your spine when I was 21, ultimately had surgery for this yet have never been free of pain or "fully recovered".....low back pain persists to this day.

In addition, 2 additional conditions have formed/worsened (to the extent that they both are a daily bother/battle for me) which are 1.  Chronic constipation, which I've yet to find any releif from, and 2.  Excessive burping (belching really...) which I cannot seem to stop or control.  I have no idea (and am somewhat doubtful that either of these conditions are a result of my low back herniated disk/back surgery (as the L5 disk is a ways away from the one you refer to).  In addition to the burping, I also experience frequent bouts of tightness in my upper chest/lower throat area and during these bouts, find that I cannot for the life of me take or complete taking a full "breath" or a full yawn....one where you complete the yawn hitting a climax point then coming back down (so to speak)....hard to explain in text.  I find that this seems to be much worse when my constipation problem is at it's worse....so they appear related.  But I can't figure out why I burp so much.....it's especially bad after I eat or drink....anything, it doesn't seem to matter what it is.

Anyone have any advice?  I'm desperate!  I've seen one Gastrologist (sp?) although he just reccommended fiber increase (Citrucel, Metamucil....which doesn't do anything for me other than make me horribly bloated) and just as you say, literally scratched his head in perplexion when I spoke of the burping/shortness of breath etc.....

This sucks.
I just came across this post and wish that I could email you directly...  

Oddly enough, I've had back problems for awhile.  In July I had an MRI which showed a herniation at disc 4-5 (just like yours).  Physical therapy has been helping.

Now my new ailment...  intermittent pain in my right side, not in one place, it is sometimes in the front, sometimes in the back, etc.  

I thought for sure it was my gallbladder, but an ultrasound of the right upper quadrant showed everything was normal, and bloodwork, etc, was all normal, too.  So I thought maybe I pulled some muscles doing physical therapy.  But lately I've noticed I've been burping an awful lot... and that the pain eases up after a good burp!  

I've also heard that swallowing air is a nervous habit, and I have had some panic disorder off/on for years.

Anyway, hope this helps.


Our daughter Kirsten had a Nissen fundoplication september 2000.
Everything seems OK until april 2001. Then her problems started fist with constipation. Some weeks later she started to hiccup followed by belching. This is going on all the time with a high frequency. During the night when she sleeps no problems occured.

It is good to mention that her stomach is situated in an up side down position.

Now she have Nifedipine as a medicine (60 mg / day). Now she is free of the problems during 3 to 3,5 hours after she wake up.
Then it is starting again with the hiccup followed by belching.

My questions are:

a.) does any of you who posted this information about the excessive burping also had Nissen fundoplication or did you get the problems without an Nissen fundoplication before?
b.) do you have the problem of excessive burping also during the night when you sleep?
c.) are the problems of excessive burping straight related to the herniated disc or is it still unknown if this is the cause of the problem
d.) does anyone have the same experience as Kirsten have after the Nissen fundoplication?

Tanks a lot and I hope someone can help our daughter!

Hans Adelaar
After reading the comments about burping and herniated discs, I will now approach my 3rd gastro doctor with this revelation. Maybe I too can get help from my excessive belching. I have an appointment tomorrow and will ask about the relevance. Thanks for the insight.
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