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Experts on Gastro problems, please help me get my life back! :(
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Experts on Gastro problems, please help me get my life back! :(

Hi there,

Ive had the weirdest issue going on now for a stupidly long time (14months).

Back in January 2011 I tried a detox of only eating fruit for 7 days to help cleanse my body.
I chose to eat only grapes and after 3 days i fell violently ill. It felt like stupendous nausea, as if my body was being crushed

I went back to my normal eating habits straight away but couldnt shake the intense nausea and ill feeling. After 3 months of feeling incredibly nauseous and sick so much to the point that i didnt leave the house for 3 months, i began taking a supplement called Hydro Zyme which helped to add more stomach acid (following advice of a family friend who is a nutritional therapist) and i began to feel better. However the stomach acid supplement didnt help me feel 100% again. Now, its been 1 and a half years now and i havent recovered.

I wake up every morning and feel sick/nauseous all day long. The only thing that helps the nausea to go away a little bit is to constantly keep my stomach full of food ALL DAY LONG. I know this is a really weird problem, and makes no sense, believe me, ive seen so many doctors and had so many testS. Ive had all manner of blood tests and endoscopies and colonscopies. The only thing that came back is a H.Pylori infection, which i had treatment for, and a recent stool sample said that the infection has gone.

Do you have any idea what has happened to me and why i cant shake this? Ive been so ill now for so long, i have lost my job and ive had to drop out of university. I feel sick ALL day long, and massively nauseous.  The doctors dont have a clue what to do with me. I was completely fine before i ate grapes every day for a few days (I know how crazy this sounds!)

Please help!
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Dear spitshaw,

I do understand your concern. I would like to reassure you that you don't have to worry if all your tests are normal.

I would suggest the following

Go back to your normal diet. Your diet should have about 45-55% carbohydrates, 15-25% protein, and 20-25% fat. You should also be consuming 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. Amongst the fruits eat bananas. That will help in regaining bowel motility and reduce nauseous feeling by improving liver function. Take plenty of yoghurt.

Liver tonics like sorbitol, tricholine citrate or ornithine containing compounds will help in developing your appetite

I would also suggest you start exercising for at least 30 minutes daily.

Also, de-stressing with yoga or meditation or with a friend or a psychologist can help.

Please try this for at least 2-3 weeks and we can take this up from there.
Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Poorna Chandra
hi i had open surgery last year for a hiatus hernia and nissan fundoplication since then i having being having trouble eating vomiting and heartburn i have lost so much weight it is driving me mad i am under a gastro for it but he said he dont no what else he can do for me
Hello there,

I am sorry about your problems, they sound pretty intense and distressing. What I would do if I were you, would be to seek the help of an Ayurvedic therapist.  Ayurveda  is an ancient Indian practice which treats health problems with herbs and food. There are some therapists operating  in London, but in India (in Rishikesh - Northen India - for example) they are much cheaper than here.  However you should not try the Ayuverdic diets and recipes found on the internet because your problems seem serious.  Look on google for a specialist therapist at least for one consultation and see what happens. They are very good with digestive problems and I cannot think of anyone better to see, if you have already seen a Gastro  through your GP. I hope this helps.
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