Extremely gassy and poop a lot
by Zastra989, Feb 16, 2009
I'm always gassy (need to pass gas not burp) and need to go to the restroom a lot (to poop). I'm male, 21, weigh about 155, have a height of about 5.5. I do not excersise (the only thing I do is walk from class to class, which takes like 10 minutes per class).

I wake up and pretty much the fist thing I do is go to the restroom (pee and poop). Then I go to class. I might be fine for an hour or so, but after that my stomach will start churning and make noises, at faster intervals (and also gets louder). I have to pass gas a lot too, but that doesn't really stop it so I just hold it in until I go to the restroom. The only thing I can do about this is to poop again.  

As a rough estimate, I'd say that I poop at least 7 times a day. And I usually either poop (different colored but not red) clumps that break up easily or thinner and possibly longer (usually brownish) poops (almost never just one). I haven't really had a descent, large clump for a long time (except maybe 1 early this month or late last month, only 1 day and I don't know why...). I guess this started a couple of years ago, after eating in lunch in high school (9th or 10th) and I think it went away for a while (in 11th or 12th grade) when I lost a bunch of weight.

Fiber (benefiber), gasx, and ranitidine don't help. I also asked my doctor for Bentyl (I think) because I thought I had IBS but he thought it was amoebas and gave me metronidazole. I thought it help for a while but either it didn't really, or the amoebas came back (I'm taking it again, 4th day, but it's not helping). I've been tested for an infection because I had to pee constantly (among other problems), but the test was negative.

I'd really like to know what's causing this and how to stop it. It is extremely distracting at best, and crippling at worst.
by Kevin Pho, MDBlank, Feb 17, 2009
IBS certainly may lead to the symptoms, but as you can imagine, there are a variety of other causes that should be excluded first.

This can include infection, inflammatory bowel disease, malabsorption, or celiac disease.

If the loose or frequent bowel movements continue, I would undergo a colonoscopy.  This can exclude masses, inflammation, or colitis.

Sending the stool for culture and analysis can be done as well, include blood tests looking for celiac disease.

The treatment, of course, will depend on the cause of the symptoms.  If IBS continues to be the diagnosis, I agree with increasing the amount of fiber you are taking.  Other options include pro-biotics, or specific antibiotics like Rifaximin.

These options can be discussed with your GI physician.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.
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by UncleGrieg, Feb 16, 2009
Woah... I'm surprised kind of, because this descibes my last year or so to the T. I never found out what it was for me. I went to the doctor several times, took several samples (urine and stool), and no forms of parasite or bacteria ever showed up. I was healthy, but for some reason, I had exactly what you have described there. He also put me on Metronidizole, which seemed to help, but it came back for me as well after a while. I had been taking a food supplement to help, but I found out that it was actually harming, not helping. Others had this problem too. I'm tapering off of it right now, so I'm going to see if it help me. The best I can say, is to try and find a way to live with it, because I feel your pain. If any problems come up, I take anti-diarrheal meds to keep me where I should be "going-to-the-restroom-wise".
I agree with many other people, do NOT take the digestive advantage pills to help you, if you ever think about it. I honestly believe it's contributing to my lingering pains.
I think part of my problem is a lack of exercise. I was in Marching Band in High School, and after graduating, I didn't get much exercise. Now I think that the lack of exercise and getting out of the house is a cause of the loose and constant urge to go. Just a thought, and I hope it helps at least a little. Remember, I know EXACTLY what you're dealing with.
by Zastra989, Feb 16, 2009
Thanks for the reply! I guess it's good to know that I'm not the only one. Too bad you don't know what causes it. It ***** having this, yeah.
by UncleGrieg, Feb 16, 2009
I know. I was totally fine, and then when I got whatever it is, my life slowed down like a car doing 70 mph hitting a tar pit. I'm sorry that I don't have anything definite to offer to help, but if I ever do find something that helps me, I will most assuredly message you here. Having it myself really bites, so I would do anything I could to help someone else with this kind of trouble.
by Zastra989, Feb 17, 2009
Great, thanks! I'll let you know too if I ever find a "cure" or something that helps.
by sweetoo, Feb 25, 2009
Change your diet. I found that a lot of the illnesses and diseases are due to FUNGUS. Read about it at www.knowthecause.com
by junebugger, Mar 13, 2009
Im glad I found this post, this is me too actually - 28 yo male, with very similar sypmtoms.  Loose stools every morning, like clockwork.  Its like I flipped a light switch back in june of 08 and this started.  I remebering having a bad panic attack around that time, so I always wondered if that or stress brought this on - but it doesn't go away.  I too tried flagyl for a week, didnt really help.  Ive had the battery of tests from the gastro, and I still have the issues.  Only occasionally do I get a somewhat normal looking movement.  I had a colonoscopy recently, and it came back ok.  Nobody really ever diagnosed me with anything though, and like unclegreig said, you just have to find a way to live with it I guess...because I can function, other than going to the can more times per day, and it coming on quickly at times, I seem normal.  Its frustrating though - when I open a medical book, my exact symptom list doesn't match any disorder exactly.  Let me know what anyone else thinks...
by Zastra989, Mar 14, 2009
Oh. Well it's hard to live with this. I'm pretty sure it only gets worse....

Anyway try activated carbon (or charcoal?) capsules. Amazon has some from nature's way for 5 dollars (100ct). See if that does anything for you.
by Chez007, Feb 10, 2011
Well, I'm a 24 year old male and I also have this problem.  However, I've never seen a doctor because I think it's because my stomach is pushing out the other food after I eat.  I'm fairly skinny 5 11" 150, and I'm very active.  I've learned to eat at certain times and to eat very little junk food, unless I'm going to be home that day.  So for mee it's pretty much diet.  Oh and I pee once every hour, but that more due to nerves and being bored than anything else, because when I'm really into something/eg: with a girl I tend to not have to go.