Fecal Body Odor
by wesley75, Nov 15, 2008
When I was younger I was pumped with anibiotics and allergic to milk.  Age 15 was the start of the intense body odor. There are 2 odors. The first odor a persistent lingering sulfuric/gassy musty odor that I have. Sometimes it smells like rotten carrots, garbage, cat poo, etc. The 2nd odor is explosive. I can fill up a whole building with a rotten egg odor times 1 million. It seems like I get odor 2 when I just get a new job and I begin to sweat from physical labor. Alcohol creates the odor instantly. Coffee, and sugar also make it happen pretty quick. I have tried cleanses, probiotics, food enzymes, L Glutamine, Green drinks, etc. Recently Ive been focusing on intestinal candida and I've been taking oregano oil followed by probiotics for a week now. About 6 months ago I got a colonoscopy and edoscopy done for pain in my lower left side of colon. He found lots of internal hemroids and cut out some benign polyps. He just said he didn't see anything big and Its probably genetic why I smell this way. He didn't test my blood or stool at all not sure why. As of a 6 months ago my basic blood panel came out ok. The one thing that I do that makes the smell worse or better sometimes, usally better, is an enema. Seems like as soon as there is food in me the smell starts to come. Once I clean out with the enema within 2 days the smell gets better. The way I look at is to always keep the fart spray liquid out of my blood and things are so much better. But that would just be a band aide to the problem and doesn't always work. I can even smell sulfur when I'm all cleaned out with no feces in me. A year ago I had a perenial abcess that I had to get drained and has returned in the same spot after doing an enema a week ago. I think it is turning into an abcess because the pain is more persistent. I also have bad joint/feet pain. I feel like I'm loaded with toxins and I have to keep flushing them out to keep my smell at bay but colonoscopy and endoscopy show no leaks. Thanks Wesley
by Kevin Pho, MDBlank, Nov 16, 2008
I agree with the colonoscopy, which would exclude some of the common causes for your symptoms.  

I would also consider malabsorption disorders, which can lead to body odor issues, which can be diagnosed with stool analysis.  Celiac disease can also be evaluated with blood tests.

Another consideration would be bacterial overgrowth, which can be exclude via specific breath tests.

If the tests remain negative, irritable bowel disease should be considered.  

These options can be discussed with your GI physician.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.
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by katydid57, Nov 17, 2008
I am not trying in any way to minimize your problem, but I wonder -have you have asked any close friends or family members (whom you trust to be honest with you) if they are as aware of these odors as you are? Their answers could be important.

If others  confirm your  perceptions, then I would continue to aggressively pursue the options above with a medical doctor.

However, if others tell you the odor is mild, barely noticeable or absent, and these are people you trust not to lie to spare your feelings, I would also look for a licensed therapist with experience in working with people who have chronic medical issues- preferably a psychologist or other PhD who works with a psychiatrist (who can prescribe medications. ) The mind and body are one, and since you have a history of at least one disorder  that can cause flatulence and a "foul odor" (milk allergy) , it may be that your perception of how you smell are altered due to your previous experiences. This is especially true if your childhood experience with milk allergy symptoms was embarrassing for you.

Our sense of smell is capable of evoking very strong emotional memories; we carry these with us for our whole lives. (Think of your mom's chocolate chip cookies...) While I doubt very much that this is the cause of your entire problem, I think exploring this aspect  with a good therapist while continuing your course of medical treatment (although I would avoid costly, unproven therapies) is a very good idea.

One other thing-your recurrent perenial abscess could well be a sign that you are causing trauma to that area with repeated enemas without realizing it. This can turn into a very serious problem if it becomes chronic. My advice would be to stop the enemas if at all possible and let your body heal.

Kathie Clohessy
Retired RN, consultant

by wesley75, Nov 17, 2008
Thank you both for your replies. I have an appointment with a GI doctor this next Monday. Kathie, as for the odor being real or not I know for a fact it's real because people I know have told me. Even when I go to public place and I can smell it I can hear people saying, who fart?? What stinks?? The odor is very aggressive at times and it catches people off gaurd. It's not everyday you smell a potent odor like that.. It's kind of funny in a way but not really when it comes to trying to hold a job. I agree psychiatrist for people wih medical issues wouldn't hurt the least mentally wise. But I know the problem is there but it's so hard to pick a place to start. There are so many directions I can branch off to. When you brought up the milk allergies it then makes me think, well,  I can create the smell twice as bad within and hour with alcohol, coffee, milk, oranges, etc. It must be a food intolerance type of thing. But how could just consuming some of these things create an explosion off rotten gas that come from me that quick? Who know.. It just seems so hard to pinpoint what's happening. I guess I'll just go to the GI doctor and see what happens. My mom was mentioning an endocrinologist as it could be a metablic issue. Anyways, I'm just rambling on... Thanks for your reply!! Wesley
by MsOz, Nov 19, 2008
Have you heard of TMAU?  I too am having the same issues, my doctors cannot figure out why.  I am guessing it might be TMAU. Per your posting, I will restrict my use of oranges since I use them quite a bit.
by Queena_9, Feb 23, 2010
A related discussion, Wesley, I can relate was started.