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GERD Diagnosis

  My husband was just diagnosed through Upper GI with GERD.  He has been having many strange symptoms for the past 4 months or more. I believe this dx may be the answer, finally.  My question is this.  He often feels what he describes as a fluttering in his chest, throat, and mostly on the left side of his thorax.  There is no pain.  He has had just about every cardiac test there is, which has ruled out a cardiac problem.  Can GERD cause this symptom, either by the LES spasming or the air tubes having spasm from the acid refluxing up into the esophagus?  Can this strange fluttering be an uncommon (or possibly common) symptom of GERD?  
  We sure would appreciate your input.  Thanks alot!
Dear Lisa,
gerd can cause symptoms of chest discomfort that can be described in many different ways.  Additionally, many of our readers descibe an irregular heart rate that is exacerbated during periods of reflux. Treatment of the FD appears to improve the problem.
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