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Gall Bladder
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Gall Bladder

Hi Doc , I have a history of stomach related stuff  GERD, acid, bloating, IBS at times, sicky feeling.  Last year I had a HIDA scan because I get generalized chest pain and other symptoms led us to test. MY rate was 23%.  No stones. I talked about removal but didn't.  Now I frequesntly have very pale stools (constipated) or yellow (dia). During the day I get kind of weak, muscles feel weak in legs, stomach kind of naucious,  kind of like low blood sugar attack (but not).  It's like I'm very hungry. Frequently this happens after I eat. I have the following questions:
1 Could these be gall bladder symptoms?
2 Do you ever see chest pain as a gall bla sympt?
3 If stools are pale is this a gall baldder sympt?
4 Where is my bile going if it is not coming into the intestine?
5 With no gall bladder does the bile just dump throughout the day?
6 I also have SVT will this complicate my surgery?
7 Can gall bladder problems like this cause me to not get the nutrients from foods I need?
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To answer your questions:
1) It is possible that the gallbladder may be responsible for the symptoms.  

2) Chest pain would be an atypical presentation of gallbladder symptoms.

3) Pale stools may be indicative of a blockage in the biliary ducts.  If there is evidence of dilation of the bile ducts on ultrasound, a MRCP or ERCP can be done to evaluate this.

4) Blockage of the bile can lead to a variety of other symptoms, including abnormalities in the liver function tests.

5) Without the gallbladder, bile is released continuously.

6) SVT can potentially complicate the surgery.  Ensure that your cardiologist clears you prior to the operation.

7) I am not aware of a low gallbladder ejection fraction leading to a lack of nutrients.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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If chest pain is atypical why do so many people think there having a heart attack during a gall attack?  I've had indigestion that would equal chest pain of a heart attack.

I thought bile helps break down foods in the stomach.  If your loosing the food too fast through the system or if bile isn't present or being released correctly wouldn't nutrients be missed?
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Hello, I'm having two issues that might be very related.  I went to the hospital for gallbladder pressure.  It wasn't an attack ( because I've had attacks serveral years ago, not that intense pain), however the pressure never leaves, and I've had such horrible acid reflux my entire life.  Well they gave me a ultrasound and I indeed have stones, lots of stones.  They wanted to schedule surgery instead of a emergency surgery because I wasn't infected I have to see a gi doctor in march.  Meanwhile every single moment of every single day I have acid reflux. Meds don't work, foaming agents work for an hour, my tongue feels horrible at all times. I have chest pains (they've checked my heart, it's ok) I've been on a acid reflux diet for several months. I'm so completely miserable, my ears are hurting, my throat looks like raw ground beef.  My question to you: Is it possible to do gallbladder and acid reflux surgery. And is there anything I can do to speed up the process before going to see the doctor for the tests.  Are they going to test me that day, and average wait before surgery?  Oh yeah, enzymes are normal, neg for h pylori, ph is good, liver is good, urine is clear. I've never had any surgeries, also can they endoscopic on both the same day?  I'm sorry for all these questions. I'm just desperate, it's been way too long.  Thanks for your patience Lisa
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Hey Lisa
He probably won't answer unless you submit a new question and pay.
Sounds like you have it bad.  Do you think the gall bladder surgery might help clear up the reflux stuff?
Hope you get better.
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