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Gallbladder surgery cause of gastritis
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Gallbladder surgery cause of gastritis

I had my gallbladder removed in June of last year. I recently
started having pain in my stomach. I had an endoscopy this
week and the diagnosis was gastritis or inflamed stomach
lining. I don't take any medications that could cause it.
I have a lot of stress, am a very high strung person.Could
this be a result or gallbladder surgery? Will gastritis
clear up after medication, Prilosec, or will it be something
that keeps coming back? Any suggestions on getting it
cleared up.I am concerned that it might develop into
something serious, and I am sure the apprehension will not help
the condition.Help!
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Gastritis is caused by many things and stress being one of them.
Did the GI take a biopsy to check for H-Pylori. It sounds like you have stressed induced gastritis. Let me just say one thing. As long as you continue to be "High Strung" your gastritis will never go away and it may perhaps get worse. Go to google.com and search "Stressed induced gastritis." When you're stressed your stomach produces too much acid which causes the linning of the stomach to become inflammed. (Gastritis) You really need to WATCH your diet for some time until the symptoms go away. No coffee, tea, cola, alcohol, smoking, spicy foods, etc, etc. The PPI's should clear it up, but as long as you're stressed, drinking, etc, etc, it will not! I've had gastritis for 8 moths now. Mine was due to H-Pylori like so many are. I continue to take my PPI and TOTALLY take care of my stomach by not ingesting irritants. Read through this board, especially way down. There are many posts on gastritis. Also, heartburn-help.com and webmd. There are MANY discussions about others with gastritis and treatments. Try aloe juice. This will help heal the linning of the stomach. Just read, do your research and talk with others. It gets better, but that all depends on you!

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