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Green Stools
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Green Stools

I'm an HIV positive 35 year old male taking Epivir, Zerit & Sustiva.  For almost a week I have noticed that my stools are Green.  Is this something that I sould be worried about?
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hi there:-D
    Usually, green stool is nothing to worry about.  It usually just means that the stool passed through the colon too quickly, which can be caused by stress, the flu, and many other things.  But, because of your situation, i would recommend you talk to your doctor.  Also, a week of green stool does seem a little extreme, so it could be just a side effect of one of your medications.  Different medications can really mess around with your bowels, lol, trust me, i'm on one called chlomipramine and you don't even want to know what it does to me some days!!!  
    Its more then likely absolutely nothing, but its always better to be 100% sure.  I would call your doc just so you can have total peace of mind!!
good luck!!
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