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Hepatitis B Vaccine _ Side Affects- Shortness of Breath, Hives, Diffcul...
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Hepatitis B Vaccine _ Side Affects- Shortness of Breath, Hives, Diffculty Swallo

  I am a firefighter how was required to get vaccinated by the Hepatits B vaccine about 3 1/2 years ago.  After reading an article in the newspaper,  that one of firefighters started having hepaptits  conditions, and the article mentioned side affects such as hives and shortness of breathe.
  Before the vacciantion,  I was physically fit and could do almost any thing.  For the last 3 1/2 years my skin is very senstive and if scratched lightly, I will break out in a hive and I have experienced chronic asthma evry couple of months.  it seems to come and go on aquarterly basis.  Same with hives. Also I ahve difficulty swallowing foods and liquids evry couple of months, and I've had an upper GI Series done and they said it was normal.  I 'm not sure what to do, I 've seen a couple of doctors and they all think ists asthma and that I have a High Histamine level in my blood.  I think it;s kind of strange all these systems occur about three agos.   I'm not sure where seek any additional help, I've been to Pulimory specialist, Family Practionor and Allergist.  Is there some one else I could see and get some blood work dne to see if I have any of the side effects or some who could help look at the Vaers results of this Vaccine.  If anyone else has had these syptoms (symptoms) please contact me , so at least I'm not alone and maybe we could each other.
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Dear Chris:

I read your letter with great interest.  My understanding is that about three years ago, after receiving the hepatitis B vaccine, you developed chronic asthma, a propensity to hives, a high histamine level and difficulty swallowing foods and liquids every months.  My sense is that you want to know if these symptoms are related to the hepatitis B vaccine, if their are additional blood tests you should have and if there is a specialist who can help you.  
Because your symptoms are not really typical of  liver disease, they are a little out of my range of expertise and I
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