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High eosinophils level and ulcers
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High eosinophils level and ulcers

  I am being treated for ulcers and had a blood work-up. The only thing out of range was an elevated level of eosinophils (8.6). I have a lot of gas and occasional diarrhea. I have been rather tired lately also.
  I also have asthma and wonder if the high level of eosinophils is because of the asthma or something else (parasites) is causing
  the high level of eosinophils and this is aggravating the asthma.
  My asthma has been particularly bad as of late.
  I am awaiting the blood test for H. Pylori.
Dear Scott,
It would be more likely that your high blood eosinophil count is secondary to asthma or allergies. If you have a recent history of travel to a country where a parasitic infection is common you should be tested for the particular parasites common to the area where you traveled. Helicobacter pylori does not usually present with eosinophilia. Fatigue may be caused by a bleeding peptic ulcer. I assume that your hemoglobin is in the normal range. If your diarrhea and gas persist it would be important to exclude an infectious organism by obtaining stool samples for culture of various pathogens. On the other hand, treating the ulcer may also improve the gas. Good luck to you.
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If you would like to be seen at our institution please call 1-800-653-6568 our Referring Physicians' Office and make an appointment to see Dr. Muszkat, one of our experts in Gastroenterology.
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