High liver enzyme results
by DJ7, Jan 18, 2003
I recently had my annual checkup at my Doctors and he called and said my liver enzyme test came back high "200"  he said normal was 50.  He seemed very concerned.  I was rather shocked since I am relatively healthy so I don't know if it is an ALT test or what.  I have taken Lipitor for 6 years for high cholesterol and never experienced any liver abnormalities until this time.  The Dr. said he was concerned it is something else since I tolerated Lipitor well for six years.  Hepatitis test were normal.  He said possibly I could have had a food related hepatitis.  Well he told me to stop taking the Lipitor on Jan 7th.  He said do not drink alcohol at all;  I rarely drink!  He will re-test me in one month but in the meantime I worry.  I have been experiencing some abdominal distress with multiple bowel movements which are not diarreah.  After eating I get some rather painful abdominal distress.  This has bee happening since the New Year.  I had the "Norwalk" virus supposedly a week before Christmas and thought perhaps this was a linger side effect.  Could this stomach problem be liver relate?  Any one have any ideas about the 200 enzyme results and the Lipitor?

Any info would be appreciated.
52 year old married male 5'10 165 generally good health.
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by pistollewis, Jan 18, 2003
As far as I know the reason you are showing such high levels is because your liver is under some kind of stress.  Since you do not drink and you are not overweight I do not think you will have a fatty liver(fat cells forming in the liver).  Make your doctor give you a ultrasound NOW!!.  It is the best way to see what is going on with your liver.
by Concernedwife, Jan 20, 2003
Just recieved similar info today on very healthy 32 yr old husband... he has recently been on a diet but no gastro distress for a long time ( at least 6 months ).  I believe that his ALT was 119 additional test were run today(blood).  If I were you I would contact a gastroentorologist (spelling ?) soon.  The symptons that I have seen on the internet warrent a quick visit for you because of the abdominal pain and frequent b.m.s... They can do additional blood test which can detect the damage of tissue in your liver AFP alphafetoprotein test... good luck
by wifeymac, Jan 31, 2003
Suggest you see gastroenterologist and if you still have your gallbladder, have it and the bile ducts and pancreas checked.
by Pommie26, Feb 03, 2003
After a routine blood test 18 months ago I was also told that my liver enzyme numbers were too high and further tests were carried out and an ultrasound done.  The results of this was negative and I was told, nothing to worry about.

I have just had another 2 sets of blood taken and my enzymes are again up and gama too high but am yet to see the doctor until next week but I am assured by the receptionist that if there was anything serious, I would have been contacted.

Reassuring isn't it.

Good luck
by painpillhead, Feb 05, 2003
hey all.
I had elevated liver enzymes for 20 years and since at that time, I was an active alcoholic, my doctors dismissed it as alcohol related.  Well, I sobered up 7/14/199 and liver enzymes were still up...felt bad and no appetite.  fatigue.  weird yeast infections that would not go away...family doc suspected something else.  I tested positive for Hep C in March 2002.  I am just wrapping up treatment (Interferon and Ribavirin) and all my labs are back to normal.  Long story short--please ask that you be tested for this if enzymes are elevated over a long period of time...simple test.  So many folks out there have it.  
to all, good luck.