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I have Chest Pain, Upper Abdom Pain, Back Pain, Nausea,
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I have Chest Pain, Upper Abdom Pain, Back Pain, Nausea,

I have been seeing doctors for my gastric problems.  I have have acid reflux, erosive esophagus, hiadel hernia, gastritis that I have been diagnosed with.  I have taken Previcid, Nexium, with no let up on the chest pains.  I have pain in my upper chest area that goes across my breasts and accorss my sternum. I have been to the emergency room several times and the last time yesterday. My liver count was slightly elevated so I will await the results. I've had so many cardiac tests done with all negitive results and no problems with the heart.  So..... What is it????  I also have some diverticuli.  I'm a mess.  I have been off work for several months now having these problems of severe abdominal pain in upper and lower areas, Severe chest pain and pain in the ribcage around to shoulder blades. I take a deep breath and it hurts from my chest all the way around to my back.  at times the pain gets so intense that it feels like a heart attack.  I had a gall bladder ultrasound a few months ago but I took it on an empty stomach and I heard somthting that you have to eat something greasy and fatty and they test you to see what happens.  They havent done that.  What is that test???  if anyone can help me out here, its all related to my gastrointestional track I'm sure, so any help would be great.  Thanks
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Dear "Gastrosick",

I hope you can find some BETTER DOCTORS (EXPERTS) soon, who can PROPERLY diagnose you!!

Meanwhile, I suggest you start reading and learning about various natural remedies for each of your digestive ailments!

I like Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D.'s book called "STOMACH AILMENTS AND DIGESTIVE DISTURBANCES: How You Can Benefit from DIET, VITAMINS, MINERALS, HERBS, EXERCISE, and Other Natural Methods. (1997).

If this book is not in bookstores, you might be able to get it online, by typing "books by Dr. Michael T. Murray" into the address bar at the top of your monitor, in a good "search engine", like Google.com, etc.

This will lead you to the website about Dr. Murray's books. Click on "other books", and you'll see info about how to get this wonderful book!

Go to a good health food store, and read about your ailments in OTHER good books.

Find a very good NUTRITIONIST, to help you figure out a tremendously nutritious diet, specific to YOUR situation! The nutritionist could also advise you about supplements, like vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, therapeutic foods, pro-biotics, etc.

Other ideas are to find a very good Osteopath, Acupuncturist, GENTLE Chiropracter, etc.

Another thought: Chest pain can sometimes result from bad "ergonomics", while doing repetitive motions, at work, at the computer, driving, lifting, etc:

See a very good Occupational Therapist who knows "Feldenkrais Method" (also called "Awareness Through Movement"), or "Aston-Patterning", to get help with this, if it might be a factor. Feldenkrais and Aston-Patterning are both excellent neuro-muscular physical therapies.

Check with a pharmacist to see if your symptoms could be partially caused by bad side effects of any meds you are taking. If so, find out what natural treatments could substitute for the meds. But don't stop taking the meds, unless your doc and pharmacist say it's OK. And, find out if you have to slowly taper down the dosage, rather than suddenly stopping the meds!!

If you email me, I would be happy to email you some "GER tips" that my husband and I use. You could run them by your docs, before you try them! These are gentle, natural methods that we learned from Dr. Murray's book (see above), and Dr. James A. Koufman's (MD, an ENT/ear, nose, throat doc) webpage called "PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET ON REFLUX". There's no guarantee that these tips will totally work for you, but, see what you think, and what your docs think, about them!

Dr. Koufman's webpage is at:


Are you ever exposed to toxic fumes, that "outgass" from NEW CARPET, COPY MACHINE TONER, NEW OR REMODELED "sick" buildings, SPRAYS, CHEMICALS, ETC.? Such fumes can cause LUNG PROBLEMS, with chest pain! See a good PULMONOLOGIST (lung doc), who is experienced at OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, if this might be a factor in your case.

You need to become an active "researcher and questioner" in your medical team, now! I urge you to do a little research, and ask many questions. Then, if your docs have no objections, start trying some "outside the box" ideas!!

Good luck to you! I hope others will advise you too!

Concerned lady


I also have the same problem. The pain starts in the stomach and rapidly spreads to my chest. The pain is so bad that I can't take deep breaths and I have to take short puffs to breathe. Then I start to sweat and I feel like I need to pass gas and until I do the pain will continue. It is so bad I start crying. I think that I will die before it ends. I had started having this problem years ago and it got worse until after having several test done it was found that my gallbladder was full, so I had it removed and the "episodes" stopped for a long time until I got the flu, with the throwing up and "running off". Then I had the "episode" again. And it was real bad. Then it didn't happen any more until the night before last. I came down with the flu and once again it was the throwing up and "running off" at the same time. The pain started, I couldn't breathe and the pain was in my chest. After a few mintues with terrible pain I threw up and "ran off" then there was relief. About 10 mintues later it happened again. Same thing....then relief after vomiting and using the bathroom. This happened 2 more times and then I didn't have to throw up anymore. The next day was fine except I was weak and didn't eat much but last night after laying down for about 30 mintues it hit me again. Once again, I threw up (but no bowel movement) and then I felt better. Only to have it happen again a few mintues later. This time I got down on my knees and tried to pass gas. My husband started to lightly beat me on the back and it subsided after a few mintues. So far no more "eposodes" Please, can anyone help me? What could this be? I feel like it's associated with the upset stomach, which leads to gas. What can I do about it? I can't live like this. I'm afraid to eat for fear it will cause gas. And then one of the "eposodes"
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