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I think my husband has Zollinger -Ellsion Syndrome - HELP
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I think my husband has Zollinger -Ellsion Syndrome - HELP

My husband has had endoscopies, colonoscopies, etc.  They never really find anything wrong. (Last time -which was about 2 months ago-they said there  was a little redness in the stomach)

He was referred to a Gastrologist who ordered some additonal tests, which our family doc ran.  We got the results yesterday - the Gastrin Level is high. The nurse at the family doc said she sent the results to the Gastrologist and we should hear from him in a couple days - mean while I'm going crazy and doing more internet research.

Diarrhea, hurtburning, gnawing feeling, weakness, headaches, nausea, and the increased gastrin level.  

The diarrhea has been pretty much going on for years (5 or more).  The heartburn, weakness, nausea at least 2 years.

Approximately 4 years ago he was working out if town and had some type of attack - they thought it was his appendix - he was rushed home by ambulance and then our doc and a local surgeon said that it wasn't. They never could explain that episode.  (I've heard of others having this diagnosed and then the docs not finding anything - is this a common confussion?)

Anyway heres' my real question: Does anybody have Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome or can anyone tell me if this is what it sounds like he may have?  

This is so exhausting - thanks in advance for your help.
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Katt:  I am including a link to the Combined Health Information Database (CHID), which has an excellent article on ZES.  Check it out.  I had never heard of this before, but it is very interesting.

Hope this helps.
I was tested for ZE awhile back(thank god neg.), so naturally I read up on it.  It is pretty rare, and is tumors that are found in the stomach.  They stimulate the stomache to produce more gastric juice than normal.  I believe they call these functional tumors, or something like that.  Sometimes it can be hard to find, because the tumors can be really tiny, or in clusters.  There are other things to consider also, with the gastrin level being high.  I was also tested for a pancreatic tumor (gastronoma), and carcinoid tumors.  I also had chronic profuse diarrhea for years, and also had other symptoms that they refer to as Carcinoid syndrome.  Flushed face, espec. after eating or alcohol, heart palpatations, and so forth.  It could also be something like an over active stomache that makes it produce alot of gastrin.  If I remember right they can do a surgery where they cut the vagus nerve or something or somehow tie off some of the ducts that gastrin is excreated from in the stomache.  My doctor talked about this, but I heard the word cut and I said NNOOOOOOOOO.  If there wasn't a tumor, than I'll deal with it until I can't deal with it no more.  Good luck, and let me know what you find out. Mine ended up being Gallbladder to some degree.
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