Large Bulge Above Naval
by monica, Feb 22, 2000
I had my eighth endoscopic exam a few weeks ago and was told after three fundoplication surgeries, the last an open procedure that I have a paraesophageal hernia as well as my food not passing through my stomach as it should.  I also have known, but did I tell the doctor that I have a large bulge above my belly button, which was coming and going.  The last four or five days it is here to stay.  Does that sound like, yet another hernia.  If so, what can be done.  My middle is nothing but scars and bulges.  Thank you!  Has anyone else experienced this after surgery(ies)?
by HFHSm.D.-Gastro-rf, Feb 27, 2000
Dear Monica,
Bulges in th emidline may represent incisional hernias, of they are inj a scar track.  Another explanation is diastasis recti, or separation of th erectus muscles that are in the middle of your abdomen.  Diastasis recti does not require any intervention.  Your best bet is to show the problem to your surgeon.
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by Donna, Feb 23, 2000
Monica:  I had standard surgery to remove gallbladder 3/98.  Suffered entire year with a hernia as a result but doctors kept saying "be patient, it takes time for surgery to heal".  Had hernia repair 2/99.  Still suffering great discomfort with extended, rigid stomach, from above to below navel.  Goes down when laying on back.  Extends and gets rigid at all times when upright.  So frustrated.  I feel for your problems.  Please let me know if you find a solution.  e-mail ***@****
by Barbara, Mar 15, 2000
Monica, I had a hysterectomy on December '99. It was an incisional laporatomy. While exploring my abdomin the surgeon found a hernia the size of a baseball. He reduced it and then cut the hernia sac of. It has been only three months since my surgery and now I find another big knot just above where the hernia was and looks identical to what it looked like before. It's very visible when I'm sitting up or standing but when I'm lying down it disappears. I'm gonna show it to my doctor at the next appointment.
by Monica for Barbara, Mar 16, 2000
Barbara, how very frustrated you must be.  I definitely know the feeling.  It seems you always trade one problem for two or three others.  I have an appointment with my surgeron the end of the month.  I'll let you know what happens.  Hang in there!
by Maryjane, Apr 05, 2000
Had surgery for a hiatel hernia repair on 8/26/98; due to complications (of major infection) was brought back to surgery  2 more times within two weeks.   I still have major long term complications.  Above MY waistline, my midriff is huge (and looks split in two)... it bulges so much, when standing, it looks like I'm 7 months pregnant!  I have been told my my new gastroenterologist (since the former quack has ruined my life)
that this huge bulge is an incisional hernia from being opened up 3 times and the scar tissue which exists.  I certainly empathize with you !!!
by Erin, Apr 10, 2000
i have a lump too!!  it's directly to the right of my bellybutton and it's about the roundness of a golf ball but it doesn't stick out that much.  i first noticed it 3-4 months ago.  i've been to two docotrs and had blood tests, ultrasound, and CR scan.  all came back normal except for the ultrasound which showed an elongated gall bladder which the doctor said shouldn't be a cause for concern (should it be??).  once again, my pains have been dismissed.  the doctor says it's got something to do with my abdominis rectus (a muscle running up your stomach between your pelvis and ribcage).  i have a feeling it's not a muscle thing.  the pain is fairly constant.  it feels like i've always got pressure around the center of my stomach and often it looks like my belly is... i don't know, swollen/bloated/distended...  i cna't lay on my stomach anymore and i've started having to wear looser pants.  can anyone tell me anything about this bump, what it could be, how to relieve the pressure?  i've tried gas-x, laxative, water to flush myself out. i'm constantly tired, no appetite...  any help out there?  you can email me at <***@****> if you'd like.  thanks in advance for any help!
Pain on right side of belly button, can feel a little lump there and really hurts when push in, stomach feels always upset the last 2 to 3 Months.                                           Pains in morning about 4 inches below belly button when haveing to go to the bathroom in the morning, then most of the pain goes away afer going. I feel sick to the stomach all the time.          My bowl movement are Small little pieces and soft. I had my Apendix tooking out 2 yrs. ago because my Colon had a infected in side, along with a lump inside between the inner and outer skin of the right lower side of Colon which cause my abendix to in flame big time, which had to be remove, plus he pack antibiotic's around the inside of the infected part of the colon,which brought the lump down and took care of the infection of the colon. after that they give me a C.San & BR.x-rays and found i have Divertic. little pockets around my parts of colon.    Going in Thurday to have it check out.        Please reply over my suffering I'm haveing with these new Pains Thank You Kim    ***@****
by Donna Jean Cruz, Jul 31, 2000
I have explored umpteen places on internet and elsewhere.  Have given up hope of finding relief.  Have similar lump in stomach as those above.  Have had exams and many tests by 3 different doctors who tell me nothing is wrong.  I am miserable and have taken to buying maternity clothes.  Does anyone out there have a solution?
by maurice170, Jun 26, 2008
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