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Loops in the bowel
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Loops in the bowel

  Yesterday, while straining(because of nerve loss) to urinate,
  I felt a portion of my bowel move out of position.
   I experienced pain in the lower right quadrant radiating down
   my right leg.  The pain subsided after an hour.  I experienced
   diahrea approximately 3 hours later.  Early this morning I was
  awakened at 4:00am by the pain.  I'm afraid that my bowel might
  might have looped or twisted around.  This has happen before.  In
  1992 I had a bowel resection because a portion of my small
  intestine looped and twisted.  As a result, the portion became
  gangrenous and had to be removed. How does a looped or twisted bowel
   occur?  Can that type of situation be remedied without surgery
  before it becomes dangerous?  I should note that I have irritable
  bowel syndrome.
Dear Rhonda,
The small intestine is mobile on a connection to the lining of the abdomen.  Sometimes this connection (called mesentery) is loose allowing the bowel to twist on itself.  If the bowel untwists thn no harm is done.  Sometimes, however, the bowel stays twisted for a prolonged time leading to compromise of the blood supply which can cause infarction (dead bowel).  If one has persistent pain and may have a twist, then a visit to the ER for evaluation is needed.  There are no effective home remedies.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
*keywords: abdominal pain, volvulus

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