Loose Bowels
by Paul, Dec 10, 1999
For years now I have been suffering from what I can only term as 'loose bowel movements'. It is not quite diahhorea, but on the other hand I dont think it is healthy either, causing me to spend prolonged times in the bathroom. At first I put it down to unhealthy diet, and tried to adjust accordingly, but over the years it has become worse in that, no matter what I eat I tend to suffer. Although, If I do eat something which I would consider rich or fatty (like pizza, or curry) then I can expect the symptoms to worsen for a couple of days.
I am 31, quite fit and healthy, I do not suffer from cramps, nor do I have blood in my stools, however there is sometimes a clear mucas.

Any advice please ?
by HFHSm.D.-Gastro-rf, Dec 23, 1999
Dear Paul,
There are many potential causes for your symptoms.  Often, a specific disease is not found and the symptoms are attributed to either lactose intolerance or inadequate dietary fiber.  I suggest that you take more fiber in your diet ( whole wheat bread, salads, consider supplements e.g. metamucil).  If symptoms persist and you are anxious about the problem, you may consider seeing a gastroenterologist for tests to exclude other treatble conditions.
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by Carol, Dec 10, 1999

It sounds like a case of irritable bowel syndrome, which can be aggrvated by stress and diet. The best advice I can give you, is to keep a food diary and so you can track what foods seem to be the triggers for you. Millers Bran is very beneficial along with Carob and Calcium Carbonate. Some sort of Acidophilus wouldn't hurt either.

If I were you, I would consult a doctor, and even a homeopath, because most doctors do not believe inthe use of the things I just told you about. There are great web sites for people who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome, and you might get some great advice from those boards.

Good luck
by Mary, Dec 21, 1999
I would like to hear the answer to this question.  My daughter who is 24 has a similar problem, but she refers to it as explosive diarehha, whatever she eats goes right through her.
She really doesn't have an appetite either.
by Judith R, Dec 23, 1999
What tests/treatment would be indicated for a patient who is s/p colon cancer with resection (stage 1), who 3 yrs after diagnosis now has developed several weeks worth of diarrhea?
by mary saum, Jan 01, 2000
does irritable bowel syndrone cause chest pain and stomach and belly pain  if so what type pain  i have sometime aching and some time cramping and some times sharp  and stickingsharp  some time dirreah and some time constipated.  but i still have these different kind of pains different and without dirreah or constipation.  can arthrite be in chest i have rheumotoid and fibromyalgia also some reflux  problems and  diverticuli  i go to gastro dr and have had different kind of test    i can't tell what it is   have been to emergenc and i hospital takin heart test things  and they are normal   except i have a mild mitral prolapse syndrome had that for a long time an don't take medicine for it only aspirin a day.  i do not have arthritis in lung and heart as far as test show.  there was a calcium deposit that showed on a heart catherization i had done in 1995 other wise normal the it was 30%  i believe     they call it a mild coronary artery desease     i have been in emergency and to the doctor a lot of time with chest  and or abdominal pains and problems   i had gallbladder surgery in October 1999  so you see i don't know if i should go to emeregency every time i have these pains or not also have nause and face and gum and head pain at the same time not every time but a lot      so far not heart PRAISE GOD       it is not normal to have it so much would you say   it not normal to have chest pain that much is it i don't eat spicees things of that nature     i am anemic too i take prevacid - aspirin a day  and ibuprofen 600 wheni need it for arthritis and  vitamin e c b6 magnesium and calcium  zink combination    well  i will stop for now   can you shed any light at all on this or any advice or some thing i could ask the doctor to test, look into fu          futher    test to try and distinguis these symptoms          i really appreceiate hope you do not get tired of reading this and ignore it                        thanks  mary saum   can i expect a reply from you    thank   you   i need some answers      what or how to treat it i don't know for sure what to do every time  please let me know if you need my address to reply
by Suz, Jan 15, 2000

I understand that there are drugs to reduce bowel urgency.

Can you comment as to the name of the drugs.  Thank you.
by jennifer, Jan 18, 2000
My son is seven years old and just recently a problem has started with him having loose bowl movements. The problem is that he does not seem to realize when a movement is taking place and he will pass a stool and not realize what he is doing.The amount he passes is not a large amount but he does not make an attempt to get to the bathroom. We have never had a problem with him as far toilet training (age 3) and all functions seem normal.When he feels a big movement he has no problem going to the bathroom. We dont know if we should increase his fiber or might it be a medical problem. We have talked to him that he must stop activities if he feels he needs to have a movement.
by lina, Jan 18, 2000
I have loose bowel's every so often but today it has been yellow sometimes it is watery and other times is is just loose like mushy, what can it be
Thank you
by nancy, Feb 15, 2000
There is a disease called Celiac Disease.....an intolerence to gluten....which is wheat, grains, etc.  I had explosive bowels and indigestion my whole life.  I was told I had ulsers, to eat more grains and fiber....the grains made me sicker and sicker.  It took a year of declining health(loss of 40+lbs...anemia, exhaustion....etc)before my Dr. admitted my symptoms were not *in my head* and sent me to a specialist at a major hospital.  With controlling my diet, I am fine now.  I do show elevated liver function and pancreas function on blood tests...but have lived 20 years since the dx of the Celiac Disease, with these elevations.
It is thought that CD is rare...but it isn't that rare.  It is also thought to be genetic.  I have learned from others that most Dr.'s do not know much about it and seem to miss it in diagnosis.
Just a thought for some of you with these symptoms.  You can avoid gluten and see if you feel better.  A *newer* blood test is available now and a small bowel biopsy for diagnosis.  I have had the biopsy twice...uncomfortable but not painful.  I have never had the blood tests, since they were not available 20 years ago.