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Pain in URQ , after drinking alcohol.
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Pain in URQ , after drinking alcohol.

For nearly three years ago I (male,45,overweight) was suddenly sick during a meal on a journey. I was continuing heavy alcohol drinking for three more days, and then when I came home-I went really ill: I went tired, had severe pain in URQ, radiating into my back and arm and with pain in muscles and joints. This condition went on for 4 -5 weeks before it gradually slowed down. The only symptoms  which remains in "good periods" is a lumpy feeling in the area under the right rib and some gallbladder dyskinetics, at night. But this is no painexperience, and I forget about this most of my time.
My drinking history before this has been moderate to heavy from
the age of 18-19 to this situation at 42. But with few effects
on my studies and working career.

Of course I went to my doctor, disturbed of this condition and
some tests was carried out: Bloodworks (liver and panchreas functions), gastroscopy, X-ray examination of colon and ultrasound examination of abdomen. None of these went out postive, and i was told by different physicans that the liver
had a shock, that I should reduce or stop drinking or that this was a kind of gastritis - and not really a serious problem.

I haved stopped smoking, almost stopped drinking and started a
more healthier way of life. But with even small and seldom
use of alcohol, all my symptoms reappear, but in minor scale.

I hope that anyone who may have similar experience or others
can add some information conerning what this could be.

Best regards Arne

PS. Can alcohol have effect on the gallbladder? DS.
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I know alcohol can effect the pancreas..with all the drinking you have done in the past for most of your life...your organs are probably telling you "we've had enough!"
You might very well have to give it up completely, even small amounts.
When my sister was having pancreas troubles, even just a sip of beer could send her to the emergency room.
If you experience minor pain after having just a small amount then you are probably going to have to stop all together..at least until you find out exactly what it is..gall bladder, pancreas..liver..If something is inflamed inside of you..it will take a while for it to return to normal if ever..alcohol would just be inflaming it all the more.

Good Luck, virgo

I've been diagnosed with IBS. Sometimes alcohol causes diarhea (diarrhea) and abdominal pains for several days with me. Upper right abdomen mostly.

Scared as hell, too.

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