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Pain lower left abdomen
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Pain lower left abdomen

I have had a dull, sometimes crampy, sometimes burning, pain in my lower left abdomen for about two weeks now.  I also have lower back pain.  It is not a severe, stabbing pain, but an annoying pain.  It also sometimes feels like there is something in there or something is swollen.  Occasionally, when I push on it, I can feel a lump.  Any ideas as to what this might be?
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This is exactly how my pain is!
Read my posting entitled A virus that mimics kidney stones posted on 12/17/01 and tell me if your symptoms are similar. There is some type of virus running loose that many mistake for UTI or Kidney stones but in fact the problem is in the colon and can make you really uncomfortable. Hope you feel better.
           I new to this forum.  I joined because I want to know if I'm not alone in experiencing these symptoms.
I had some rectal bleeding which occurred intermittently over about 3 weeks.  The blood was present most of the time only when I wiped and on two other occassions a bit of blood passed into the toliet bowl.  In all cases the blood was bright red and either separate from the stools in the bowl on the two occassions or just on the toliet paper.  I also had a bout quite severe, of nasuea on one afternoon but it settled after I took some Rennie.  I occassionly had like tightness feeling/ aches in my lower left abdominal region which have lasted only 2-3 seconds though.  

Since I was worried I went to the specialist last week, and I was examined
after 4 hours waiting, but it was over in 3 minutes!  He asked me whether I
had any bleeding, and I said yes, I wanted to talk through with him the
symptoms and all what I had written in my diary of my stools and so
on...but because he was working late into the night he didn't have time.
Anyway he examined me using the sigmoidoscopy and found some piles and so I
have been diagonosed with some very small piles; that's all, more or less
what I had suspected due to the bright red bleeding and as you correctly
said yourself.  But the sigmoidoscopy was over in like 10 secs. was that
enough for a thorough look into my rectum and lower colon?  He is a very
experienced doctor and one of the best colorectal surgeons here in the UK, Dr.Leisceter, so I suppose it's very unlikely that he
could have misdiagnosed something as simple as hemmorhoids but I was still
surprised that it was over so quickly as soon as he had seen some piles.
             I have had no more bleeding since two weeks ago, and my stools are normal, I haven't lost weight, no appetite loss or anything else, so I suppose I have
nothing to worry about now.  HOWEVER I often for the last two weeks, the moment I wake up from bed, I have this definite nasuea that lasts maybe 3-4 minutes at the most and then the moment I literally get up from bed, i.e. stand up, I'm fine and the naseua just vanishes!  This morning though I didnt have nasuea, I had this weird, dull pain around the region where my colon probably is, but again in about 10 minutes it was over, and the moment I got up out of bed I was fine.  My other very occassional symptoms include a dull ache in my lower left abdominal region which may last max. 4 seconds, slight nasuea in the morning as I mentioned AND also some very weird noises in my stomach, like churning and squirting sounds that only happen again very occassionally, I heard it on two or three occassions only for a few seconds.  However all my symptoms could be related to anxiety, since about two months ago I had 3/4 panic attacks which later set off anxiety symptoms like dizziness and lightheadeness and the slight naseau possibly.

By the way I'm 18 and have no family history of any diseases or gastro. diseases.  

Is this anything to worry about?



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