Red Pepper in stool or blood?
by Bam59, Aug 09, 2001
About a month ago, I saw what I thought might be blood mixed in my stool.  I had eaten a bowl of cut up tomatoes the previous day and hoped that it had shown up in my bowel movement.  I went to the ER (I'm a worrier!!) and they did an rectal exam and detected no blood.  They gave me a couple occult blood test kits and told me to put a sample on them over the next couple days and take them to my doctor for testing.  I did that and they came back negative.  Since that time, I quit eating tomatoes and evrything has looked fine.  Last night for dinner I ate some bright red peppers mixed in my vegetables.  Sure enough, in my stool this morning was a couple bright red spots. I fished one out (I'm sorry) and it felt like gelatin.  This was probably the red pepper -- right???  What do you think?  Should I be concerned?
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by katey, Aug 09, 2001
Don't worry hon!!!!!   It was DEFINATELY red pepper.  Blood wouldn't be jelly like.  If you only have it the day after you eat something red, i promise you, its what you ate.  I had tomatoes last night, and i had the same thing in my "movement" (LOL) today.  Its NOT blood.  i have seroiusly been having blood in my stool for two months, and blood this liquid or mucusy.  Blood can't be a jelly.  I asked my doc already cause i thought all those spots were blood as well, and my doc told me that vegatables are hard on the system to digest, and thats why when it comes out you can totally see the undigested tomatoe.  If you were to eat corn tonight, you would see it ALL the next day.  Your fecal occult blood tests would have picked it up.  I promise!!!  no worries!!  I hope i've helped. :-)