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Rib cage disorder
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Rib cage disorder

After standing up for 30-60 minutes, I begin to have pain around the end of ribs 7-8 right side.  It gets worse the longer I stand.  In addition, I have been experiencing cramping at various parts of the rib cage when I turn or twist my body (like if I twist around to back the car up.) Third, on a lateral line around from the ribs noted to the top of the stomach, I had a really sharp cramp (I guess that's what it was) last week and as I put my hand over it, felt something pop back into place.  However, it's still sore and occasionally "jumps" like a muscle sometimes does.  I'm sure it is external to the stomach and not internal as I can feel the sensitivity right on top (slightly below the sternum/rib cage.  I've been to PT and do special stretching and posture exercises and I also got a home gym which I use for strengthening the lats, obliques, etc.  The problem is still there and I'm beginning to wonder if it's more than a muscle problem or if anyone else has experienced this sort of thing.
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I had this a couple of weeks ago.

I had lifted a bicycle awkwardly and had a pain my upper back the next day.

The after that, the pain "mysteriously "moved to my right side on my ribcage.

I'm not sure what the heck was up with that. I had been partying pretty heavily on beer in the days before and thought I may had
irritated my liver and it was pressing against my ribcage due to swelling or whatever.

Mine went away after about a week and a half.


I have had a muscle cramp in the same area you are
talking about on and off for years.  If I stretch a certain way
it grabs you like a cramp you would get in your leg muscle and then it slowly relaxes and goes back to normal. It is kind of scary when it happens. I have no idea what it is and I never had it looked at.  If you find out let me know.
This may be what you have - I think it is also called "slipping ribs" - After 3 years of pain, my last doctor finally concluded that my pain wasn't internal (after many blood tests, scans, etc.) and told me he thought it was my floating rib! However, he didn't know what could be causing the pain, so I started snooping around and this is what I found. I'm going to bring the info to him when I see him again next week.

Painful rib syndrome: Thoracic nerves VII through XII innervate the anterior abdominal wall. Therefore, the chest or thoracic spine may be the source of abdominal pain.
Painful rib syndrome results from increased mobility of the anterior costal cartilage of the 8th through 11th ribs (3). Normally, fibrous attachments bind the lower costal cartilages to one another. If these attachments are loosened (eg, by trauma), the ribs may be able to slide over one another, pinching the intercostal nerve. The outcome is severe, sharp pain followed by a dull ache, usually localized to one area. The pain, typically at the costal margin, may be elicited by hooking the fingers over the lower edge of the ribs and applying gentle traction.
Treatment with trigger-point injection often brings some relief, but pain may persist. NSAID therapy and rest may be helpful.

  I also have rib cage problems.  I have often joked with my doctor that if I ever had a heart attack, I wouldn't know it because I normally get the exact symptoms often of a heart attack.
  One morning I even woke up with my left arm so swelled that the skin was glossy. I couldn't move my arm and my fingers were so swollen they were far apart from each other.  I was afraid the ring I had on was going to cut off circulation to my finger.
  I was rushed to the hospital and they did an ultrsound on my arm and left side of my neck.  Then an x-ray of my back.  They found I have and extra, very small rib that has grown at the top of my spine on my left side, lol.  I joke that I'll be growing two heads next!  They iced my arm until the swelling went down.
  I also have a 'floating' rib and it sure does give me a lot of pain off and on.  Not only does it hurt in front at times, but also in my upper back.  
  Also, arthritis in the spine can cause aches and pains in both the front and back.  My doctor told me that I should have my muscles manipulated often to keep them more flexable, especially around areas of arthritis as well as where I have the floating rib. When ever bone structures are a little wacky, it can also cause muscle tension and spasms.
  Almost everything I do now causes upper back soreness for me , but I just tell myself that I can get through it.  It's either that, or I do nothing which isn't good for my muscles in the long run either.  Being careful of HOW you do things will go a long way to keep you from hurting.  Bending at the knees when picking something up, and turning slowly when you have to twist your body like looking back when sitting in your car.  I've noticed it is usually those sudden movements that cause the most pain.
  I also get regular palpitations that I've had for about 20 years now.  Doc's all tell me it's from an anxiety dissorder, but I've noticed it gets worse when my back feels out of place.
  I get a lot of left arm pain, neck and jaw pain too.  Every test for heart related problems always comes back fine.  I think sometimes we can walk around without even realizing that we're holding our shoulders too tight or too high and this can make problems, and pain even worse.
  I know I get tired of hearing doctors say, "It's all just stress."  But let's face it..stress can cause a lot of things so the word...(JUST) should never be used in my opinion.
  If you're tense at all it will cause your muscles to be tense and make movements that much worse if you have an underlining problem already, even if it's something like a floating rib.
  I hope this helps you feel better and relax a bit.  If you can't go and get a good massage every now and then, then have someone you know and trust, gently rub your muscles when you can, it'll go a long way to help.  Also, I've noticed that if I get out of a hot bath into cold air my muscles will constrict fast and that can also cause pain around my ribs in front or back.  I try now to keep my bathroom warm or have a warm towl to wrap around right after getting out of the tub or shower so that my muscles cool down more slowly.
  I know I've gone into areas you didn't ask about.  Just thought more info might help.
Take care,
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