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STOMACH Bloating/Breathing Disorder
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STOMACH Bloating/Breathing Disorder

I suffer from anxiety and Upper Gastric IBS in the form of stomach bloating.

I take Omeprazole for the acid/reflux.

I also have a thoracic/ lung tension disorder...possibly related to the anxiety (?)

I am at times distressed by excess lung mucous, which causes me some degree of breathing panic...my lungs seem somewhat over sensitive and I sometimes cannot 'catch' the top of my breath...until I belch.

NB: This breathing discomfort is usually closely associated and aggravated by the daily episodes of stomach bloating...the two seem very closely related.

I have reason to believe I haven't asthma or/ GERD. I weigh 196 pounds (6' tall, 42 Y.O. male)


Q1 Could the stomach bloating/distension cause the breathing distress? If so how ?

Q2 Is it likely they are both symptoms of anxiety and one simply aggravates the other?

Q3 What various methods/ medications could I try to reduce stomach bloating and thereby releave my breathing distress ?

Q4 Although I am not greatly overweight, could weight loss help?

Q5 Are there any anti anxiety-like treatments which might assist with my Upper Gastric IBS ?

Q6 Any other helpful suggestions would be gladly received ?


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To answer your questions:
1) There are some cases of GERD that can cause shortness of breath.  However, before attributing it to that, I would make sure there is no underlying pulmonary or cardiology causes first.

2) Both symptoms may be due to anxiety.  

3) You may want to consider various antigas medications (i.e. Gas-X, Beano) if increased gas is a problem.  If the gas is due to IBS, then treatment needs to be optimized.  Increasing fiber intake and antispasmodic agents can be considered for this.  Discussion with a gastroenterologist should be considered.

4) Yes, weight loss would surely help the symptoms.  

5) There are some cases where IBS is treated with antidepressants.  These antidepressants would also be beneficial in cases of anxiety.

6) I would consider an upper GI series or 24-hr pH study to exclude whether there is a GI disease present.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
What about acid reflux.  Try asking your doctor about Previcid.
It helped me.  I have been taking it since I was about 42. I am now 45.
I have bloating problems due to a Hiaitial Hernia repair. I also have Baretts Esophagus. When I am bloating it causes severe sinus problems especially on my left side.This sinus problem is just severe dry sinus pressure. So far my GI Docs cannoe relate it to Gi problems.But I know that it is related because If I dont eat(dont bloat) I dont get it. Any help...
Yes it does help...

I know the feeling...after eating in the afternoon I bloat.

It is probably my stomach that's bloating. Maybe upper Gastric IBS (?)

I then get breathing problems, sometimes mucus on my lungs and a cough...

I do not think it is acid reflux...that's under control now.

But the bloat seems to effect my lungs.

Thanks for sharing your problem.

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