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Scared and Confused
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Scared and Confused

I am a 32 year old F that just had a baby on 2/13/09 Two months ago shortly after the birth of my son I started having stomach cramps in the upper part of my stomach. I noticed that my stools looked different like bulkier and thinner at the ends and sometimes they would float. The cramps turned into pains like in the middle portion of my stomach which lead to upper to middle back pain but more on the left side. no weight loss, not really any nausea or vomitting and no loose stools just different in appearance. No loss of app

Went to GI and he ran a liver and pancreatic panel and other blood work all came back normal. Then he did an Ultra Sound of my liver, gallbladder, pancrease and Kidney and spleen. The Ultra Sound came back ok and it was like he was done with me. He said it was not my gallbladder or pancrease or liver.

Last weekend I ended up in the ER with severe pain, they did another Ultra Sound and a CT with contrast and more blood work. Everything was normal except my WBC was a little low. They admitted me and the next day I had a Endoscopy, i am not sure what they looked and but whatever it was it came back normal also. Then I had a Hida Scan and they told me that my gallbladder needed to come out because my ejection fraction was at 18%.

So I had my gallbladder removed last Saturday. the surgeon said that my gallbladder was inflammed also. I am still feeling the back pains but not the abdominal pains I was having. Now my stools are loose and when I have to go I have to go.

I am so scared that maybe it was not my gallbladder. What if it is the pancrease or PC? could all of the tests I had missed it and what should I do? Can your gallbladder cause these symptoms because my GI dr didnt think so, but yet the surgeaon said that yes your gallbladder causes all kinds of different symptoms depending on the person.

I am just so worried about something being wrong with the pancrease! Please help!

Scared and Confused Melissapv
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You have had a pretty comprehensive evaluation of the symptoms, including both an ultrasound and CT scan, as well as undergoing gallbladder surgery.  

Indeed, in some cases, a low gallbladder ejection fraction can lead to some of these symptoms. But, not all cases improve after surgery.  

Regarding the pancreas, if this organ is suspected of having disease, then an abdominal MRI and/or an endoscopic ultrasound can be considered.

If the tests remain negative, more specialized tests, including a gastric emptying scan, esopgaheal motility studies, or blood tests looking for celiac disease can be considered.

Also, with the changes in stool size and shape, a colonoscopy should be considered as well.

These options can be discussed with your GI physician.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.

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Kevin, seriously - she's telling you her doctor acts like she's fine and he's done with her.  Why not tell her to go find another doctor, a better one, that will implement these tests.  Should the patient really have to find out what tests are needed and then go ask their doctors if they'll give them the tests?  Shouldn't they know to do that already!?
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