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Second screening following raised liver enzymes
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Second screening following raised liver enzymes


After being found, 2 weeks ago, with high levels of liver enzymes:

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase of 143
Aspartate Transaminase of 64
Alanine Transaminase of 180
bilirubin 12 micro mols per liter ("normal" range shown as between 0 and 22.)

I had a screen for Hep A, B and C which came out negative.

The physician first suggested to redo liver screening within 3 months but has now decided to do it within 3 weeks. Is she right as I believe GGT can remain in the blood for a long time?

Also, are there other enzymes or any other blood tests that would be useful to assess the situation?

Finally, I nearly fainted at work last week. I was queasy on that day and could not eat at lunchtime. In the afternoon, I became very clammy, my face turned white. The air conditioning had not worked properly all day and I "recovered" by staying next to a fan for an hour. At home, I found my temperature to be 102F. I did not have any significant abdominal pain, and felt fine the next day. Does this episode have any relevance with my liver enzymes (gallstones maybe?) or was it just an unrelated viral infection?

Best regards
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The next test for evaluation would be an abdominal ultrasound.  This can screen the liver and gallbladder for the major causes of elevated liver enzymes - including fatty liver as well as gallstones.  With the fever, I would also consider a HIDA scan to evaluate for cholecystitis.  It may be possible for a virus to cause an elevation of the enzymes but before attributing to that I would get the ultrasound first.

If you drink alcohol, I would abstain.  Make sure that you are not taking any medications that could be causing the symptoms.  If the enzymes continue to stay elevated, despite normal follow-up tests, I would consider a liver biopsy for a more definitive diagnosis.  

I would suggest discussing these options with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I too had elevated enzymes.  Abstain from Tylenol or any OTC pills.  Most are processed through the liver.  My enzymes seemed to be elevated by the med's I was taking.  I abstained from alchohol, all med's, etc and the enzymes came down.  Mine have been slightly elevated for over a year.  After having normal ultra sound in Oct by GI wanted to do a liver biopsy.  I guess its better to be safe than sorry.  good luck
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