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Severe diarrhea
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Severe diarrhea

  I am 28 years old, and 5 years ago, I started
  having severe diarrhea. I went to see a GI
  specialist, And had a barium enema, and a
  colonoscopy done. They found pre-cancerous
  polyps (adenomas). I still have been having
  minor problems with diarrhea since then.
  Lately, about the last 6 months I have been
  feeling very ill, with extreme tirednwss and
  severe diarrhea again. Should I have more
  tests done now? Can polyps cause diarrhea?
  Thank you
Dear Nicole,
Several comments regarding polyps before we discuss the diarrhea.  First, you are young to have polyps.  Is there a family history of colon polyps or cancer?  SEcond, how many polyps were removed and how big were they? Third, did you have a follow-up colonoscopy and what were the findings of that study?  This information is important to estimate your risk for colon cancer and to determine the type of follow-up that you need.  If you are at higher than normal risk for colon cancer, then you will require frequent colonscopy.
As a rule, wedo not attribute diarrhea to colon polyps.
I suggest that you see your physician to be re-evaluated for the cause of the diarrhea and fatigue.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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