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Swollen, tender stomach related to haital hernia or removal of gall bla...
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Swollen, tender stomach related to haital hernia or removal of gall bladder?

  For over a year, I had stomach problems, mostly swollen, tender in upper stomach.  Diagnosed with small haital hernia.  In March 1998, had emergency gallbladder removal (standard invasive operation).  Now stomach even worse.  Very tender just above and below waist on right side.  Cannot wear panties, panty hose, skirts or anything around waist.  Must wear muumuus.  Will this go away or what can I do to make it go away.  Tenderness and swolleness at all times when upright.  No problem as all with swolleness when lying down, though tenderness is every present.  Thank you for any help at all.
Dear dj,
The pain that you are currently experiencing may be related to gastroesophageal reflux disease and hiatal hernia, adhesions (scar tissue) secondary to recent surgery, postcholycystectomy syndrome (pain after gallbladder surgery), retained common bile duct stones, pancreatitis or peptic ulcer disease. It sounds like you should have further evaluation and testing by a gastroenterologist to exclude these conditions. Good luck to you.
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If you would like to be seen at our institution please call 1-800-653-6568 our Referring Physicians' Office and make an appointment to see Dr. Muszkat, one of our experts in Gastroenterology.
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