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Thin but nornal looking stool & bloated stomach
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Thin but nornal looking stool & bloated stomach

My stool has been on the thin side for about 6 or 7 months now.  The stool is normal in color and there is no blood, mucus, black tar look, no pellets or bad smell.  No constipation, diarrhea or the feel that I have not entirely emptied everything out. I go normally once a day and continue to do so.  

Recently my stomach has become bloated and I burp and have nausea sometimes.  Most of the time its after eating and in the mornings. I have no stomach pain or gas (outside of the normal gas) and I don't really feel fullness after only eating a little.  No acid reflux out of the ordinary .  

I went to my normal Dr and they did some blood test and said they were all normal (they said very good) and then gave me a referral to the GI Dr.  

Weight gain or loss, loss or gain of appetite..  Hhhmm good question.  From the time I went to my Dr on May 2nd and the time I finally got to see the GI on May 30th, I had a 5 pound weight loss.  However I have been under tremendous stress lately and have been trying to lose weight. so I can't say for sure if I'm and experiencing weight loss or not..

AND finally when I need to go or have gas sometimes I feel pressure or pain in the anus area.  Like it needs to come out but is blocked or something..  I have no itchiness or burning or continual pain in the anus area but sometimes it does feel a little swollen or lumpy in the area just inside where occasional pain or pressure occurs.  

I'm 42 and have no family history of colon cancer except for my 89 year old Grandmother.  However her Dr told her it was because of her age and nothing else.  

My GI didn't really say anything when I went to see him.. He press on my stomach and listened to it then asked a few questions and then said he'll schedule me for a colonoscopy just to be sure..

Also my husband and I have been trying to have another child for the past few months and my last period was on May 13th.  

Do  know what could becausing these symptoms?
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Any changes in stool caliber or shape should be further evaluated with a colonoscopy.  I agree with this approach.

If negative, you can consider an upper endoscopy to exclude upper GI conditions like GERD, inflammation of the upper digestive tract, or irritable bowel syndrome.  

Another consideration would be the liver and gallbladder - where conditions affecting these organs can lead to the symptoms.  An ultrasound or CT scan can be considered if disease here is suspected.  

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
From my symptoms what do you think it could be?  The Dr didn't even say.
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