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URQ pain
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URQ pain

   Hello, My Mom is age 55, is good health except for ashma (Spelling)
  : For a few months now, she has been having pain that feels like it
  : is comming from the bottom of her eshophogus (Spelling again sorry)
  : Right where it connects to her stomach, and she also gets a full feeling
  : she says it is sometimes effected by eating. I am very concerned about
  : it being some kind of cancer, she goes to the Doctor at the end of January.
  : She is also a smoker, what is this a symptom of?
  : Thank you, Lynn
  I forgot to mention that this is something that comes and goes, She has no weight
  loss, or fever. She also gets nausea from this.
Dear Lynn, the sympotom that you describe is very nonspecific and often is not a sign of cancer.  Esophgitis, gastritis, esophageal dysmotility can all explain these pains.  It is necessary, however, for your mother to see a physician for evaluation.
This informationis presented for educational purposes only.  Ask specific questiosn to your personal physician.
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