Upper Stomach Cramps
by newone, Sep 26, 2002
I am experiencing severe upper stomach pain just below my ribcage. It comes and goes - since yesterday I have this overwhelming force on my upper stomach that comes about every minute and half and last for approxiamtely 20 seconds (but seems like forever). It kept me awake last night and still hasn't gone away. It feels as though someone is squeezing something inside of me to the point that I almost need to bend over and hold myself to try to make the pain go away. I have had this in the past and I am very concerned that something could be seriosly wrong. I was able to eat last night - but afterwards I was feeling extremely nausious and had to regergitate to relieve that sick feeling. I do not have gas or any acid reflex problems. My bowel movement was normal this morning. Hope you can help me.
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by Nanny, Sep 26, 2002
I would suggest that you see a gastrointestinal specialist as soon as you can.  There are several digestive diseases or disorders with symptoms like you describe.  I had the same symptoms at the onset of my disease, which is chronic pancreatitis, but because there are several other disorders out there that have some symptoms in common it really takes a gastroenterologist and the appropriate tests to determine what the problem really is.

I'm sorry this doesn't help you much, but I think others will agree with me that because of the similarities of some symtoms, you would need to see a professional for guidance.  I would also recommend that you take this to a gastroenterologist, not a regular physician, as some of these digestive disorders can be a real puzzle to diagnose.