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Weak peristaltic Contractions and Constriction of large intestine

  My seven year old child has been having incredibly large stools.
  Our physician claims that the peristaltic contractions are weak,
  thereby causing the build up of these large stools. (so large that
  they plug the toilet - the latest was about 18 inches long and a
  diameter of about 2 inches). She also has been having problems
  controling bowel movement and "soils" herself daily.  
  She eats a very healthy diet of vegetables, salads, fruits and other
  high fibre foods.  
  Can you provide some information about this condition?
Dear Todd,
The GI Forum no longer has the services of a pediatric gastroenterologist.  Your question should be posted to the Maternal-Child forum which should be able to help you.

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