What causes such nasty burps?
by turbo_girlie, Dec 12, 2001
Today, I called into work sick, because I am haveing the most repulsive burps that taste and smell like sulfer. (I ran a friend out of my apt. with them.) I feel no ill feelings, my tummy is not upset, just these retched burps. Does anyone know of causes or remedies to this problem? I had them once before, about 7 years ago, and they went away after about 2-3 days, but until then, I can't be within 5 feet of anyone!! I have tried useing antacids, eating mild foods, large amounts of water and none have suppressed the problem. Until I find a solution, I will sit here surrounded by a green haze, flowers wilting, children and small animals avoiding me while going through multiple cans of air freshener.
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by dooleysmum, Dec 12, 2001
Dear Turbo, no, I don't have any medical info, but just to make you feel better, want you to know that years ago, at age 16, while en route to my boyfriend's family's home miles away in a car full of his brothers and sister plus parents, the same malady hit me!  It was horrible.  It was cold winter and my burps were disgusting!  My sweetie finally confessed that it was he doing the burping! !  I didn't marry him back then, but went back and found him 25 years later.  Now when he has his usual "engine exhaust" , I just tell him I'll never complain after the embarrassment he saved me years ago.  Whatever it was, it didn't kill me.  I'm now 56.  :-)

by Shanyan, Jan 22, 2002
Every couple months I get nasty burps that taste like rotten eggs.  Normal burps will taste like whatever I ate or drank last, but these are discusting and I get so upset by them that I end up vomiting until there is nothing left in my stomach but bile.  I thought for awhile that my food was not digesting, just rotting.  I've been tested and nobody can find what causes this.  I have noticed that it usually happens if I've been nervous or worried about something.  Anyone have any ideas?  Do yours happen after being upset about anything?
by Kat4960, Mar 20, 2008
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