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acute lower abdominal pain

  I have had a lower abdominal pain for the last couple years, it is now to the point of all day every day.  I have had several laperoscopy's done, a barium enema, lower cat scan, they have looked at my large and small intestines, all tests have come back negative.  I do not have any other symptoms.  I think my Dr. is running out of options, and I am getting very frustrated.  any ideas or suggestions that I could relay would be appretiated. Thank you
dear Christina,
I assume from your e-mail that you have abdominal pains without other symptoms such as weight loss, irregular or hard bowel movements, diarrhea etc.  It appears that your physicians have done an excellent job of excluding abdominal structural abnormalities.  Spme patients will provide a history of early satiety and abdominal pain.  These patients should have a gastric emptying study.  For patients with no other symptoms and no structural abnormalities, we oftentry to increase the dietary fiber to observe if there is any improvement in the pain. A second line of therapy is to try antispamsodic agents e.g. Librax.
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